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Yale Coaching Staff Plans Fun Activities for Players

Hey again!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already December! Final exams are just around the corner and we are playing our last 2 games of the year this weekend! We just beat Princeton yesterday, a huge win for us as we go into break and will hopefully get another 2 points tonight.

Last week, we had off from school but had a full week of hockey. While catching up on some work, our coaches also planned some really fun activities throughout the week for us. We were going to go bowling one afternoon, but that plan soon changed when a gas leak occurred in the middle of our morning practice. I guess some constructors hit a pipeline across the street so all of the buildings nearby had to evacuate. We had a picnic outside while waiting around and some teammates answered some of the reporters’ awkward questions regarding this “gas leak tragedy” like “so what were you doing when the alarm sounded?! Did you know what was going on outside?” to which my teammate responded “well, um we were just doing a drill, I think a 2 v 1 drill”. The reporter, trying to get more out of the situation than necessary, “ooh, what is that drill like? What’s a 2 v 1?”. It was a pretty eventful morning, no one in the area was harmed in any way, and we came back later in the afternoon to finish up practice with a couple drills and a scrimmage.

The next day prior to practice we had a Zumba session. Our instructor, Dominique, put us through an hour of various different dancing moves to hip-hop, pop, latin, mambo music, etc. It was quite the work out and pretty hilarious.  Our coaches also set up a “minute to win it” challenge the next day, similar to the game show on TV. We all picked one person’s name from a hat prior to this week and we were going to dress up as them during bowling so now we dressed up as them for this activity. It was truly all fun and games, and we went around in a circle giving a little introduction of who we were, making sure to highlight each other’s little quirks. The game itself was hilarious, I have never watched it on TV and might start after this. We were split into our 3v3 tournament teams to ensure the usual competitive atmosphere (we have a 20 minute 3v3 small game at the end of every Wednesday practice culminating in the winner of the Maria Dennis Challenge Cup at the end of the year). Different challenges included trying to get an Oreo cookie from your forehead to your mouth with no hands, putting a baseball at the bottom of pantyhose, putting it over your head and swinging it side to side to try to knock over Gatorade bottles, getting ping bong palls out of a tissue box strapped to your back (this let our more dancing proficient teammates strut their stuff as they bounced up and down and wiggled back and forth), and a few more. Lauren Davis was the MVP of the night, completing every single challenge she entered with shocking ease. We ended the night with our own little Thanksgiving dinner.

We had early practice Thanksgiving morning and then everybody headed out to their specific dinner destinations. A lot of girls took in the people who lived too far away so everyone had a place to go and more than enough food to eat. The next day we participated in the annual Nutmeg Classic, consisting of the four Connecticut Teams – us, Quinnipiac, Uconn, and Sacred Heart. We played one of our best games yet, and the consistent team effort paid off as we beat UConn 5-2. We were excited to be heading to the ‘ship (or ‘chip as one teammate mistakenly and amusingly thought), but we ended up losing 2-1 to Quinnipiac. Thankfully, we have another shot at them tonight and have learned from our mistakes. Thanks again for reading and look forward to writing again!

 Happy Holidays everyone!


– Snik


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