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Women’s Hockey Binding Together


It’s simple. One sport, male and female. But just because it’s the same sport, does that mean that both get the same publicity and fans as the other? In a dream world they would. Unfortunately, we don’t live a dream world, or anything near to one for that matter. We live in the unfortunate world where more often than not, men’s hockey takes superiority over women’s hockey. Even though that is unfair, it is a true notion. Many hockey "fans" don’t bother to pay attention to women, even though we work just as hard, if not harder than the men.

It’s stereotypical that women’s hockey isn’t as interesting as men’s. Just because women don’t deliver potentially career ending hits like men in the NHL do, doesn’t in any way mean the games aren’t interesting. If people were a true hockey fan, they would recognize and appreciate the pure beauty in the work women put toward making their game better. They put so much effort toward their own personal game, as well as making the entire sport of women’s hockey a bigger program. They deserve to get more credit than they do.

I know many teams aren’t as lucky as my local teams, as they get a tremendous amount of support from the community. If all teams were as lucky as others, women’s hockey would have a bigger name throughout the world. However, if all teams band together, they CAN make a name for themselves. Teamwork is key in anything, including this. 

Have a happy New Year, and make this season count!


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