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Winter Study at Williams College

Winter Study!

Winter in Williamstown is no joke. Except for when it is. With temperatures getting just below freezing only a couple times a week and winter coats left, defunct in dorm rooms, January feels less threatening then ever. To be frank I am a little underwhelmed. It just doesn’t feel like late January without layers of ice and snow coating the ground and finding salt chunks embedded in my carpet. 

But whatever the weather is doing the season still moves ahead. Our Winter Study was a blur of games and pre-game practices. With three games every week we hardly had a practice to just focus on the present. However, the team battled through the somewhat grueling schedule ending on a high note taking two games from Colby in our first four point weekend.

Not to say the first wasn’t exciting, but the second Colby game was one of the most emotional and passionate games I have ever been in. Down two goals going into the third we aimed to break our Saturday Curse and win the game. As Coach Gillis said "A two-goal lead is the worst lead to have in hockey." We proved this adage true.

At five minutes into the period we cut their lead in half with a goal and then began to play with intensity that I have never seen before. We tied the game with a power play goal at ten minutes in only to have Colby score with two minutes left in the final period. 

In a last ditch effort to tie the game and send it into over time Coach pulled our goalie and we played a six on five. We got a power play opportunity and scored with 40 seconds left. 

We ended the final period in a tie but with a one man advantage that would carry into OT. We scored within the first couple minutes to end the game.

I have never been so proud of a team before that comeback. We fought for everything we earned in that game.

My course (yeah that’s right, we only have one class for all of WS) was Editorial cartooning and I found that like all my other WS courses it was very interesting and enjoyable to learn a new art form. 

On top of all that we took some hilarious team photos…What a great looking bunch!


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