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Being a varsity athlete is a very time consuming and demanding commitment.  It becomes a routine everyday that is not optional.  We cannot choose when we feel like practicing, or when we feel like going on a road trip.  We are given a schedule that we must make our top priority.  So much that midterms are even rescheduled in order to accommodate game times.  With all these mental and physical demands that hockey has created, one might ask why we play? 

Last weekend, the gryphons answered that very question.  Our game against Windsor proved to be much more than just a regular season game.  The game was dedicated to a 14 year-old boy, named Kevin that was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s  Lymphoma this past summer.  Kevin is also the younger brother of our goalie.   Our management staff and players advertised the game all over campus.  The stands were packed and the donations were overwhelming.  This game gave us something different to play for.  In all my years of playing hockey I had never felt so proud of my teammates.  Every person was fighting to bring hope to those who needed it the most.  The sense of unity and inspiration carried out the entire weekend resulting in wins against both Windsor and Western.

Why we play the game is different for every player.  We play for family, friends and the simple love for the game.  The external pressures that come along with being a varsity athlete often leaves us forgetting that passion.  It takes true mental toughness to be able to carry this desire and drive into every game.  It stimulates us to play for something that is bigger than ourselves.  We must embrace and cherish these moments we have as varsity athletes because not everyone is given this opportunity.  It is a privilege to be playing the game we love everyday; therefore we must work to keep the spark in our hearts alive. 

Gryphs are on the road this weekend to face the Lancers and Mustangs!

Bye for now,

Katie Mora

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