14 March, 2017

“To say that I was a part of an NWHL all-star game is something I can tell my grandchildren. It was an amazing experience.”

- Corinne Buie | Buffalo Beauts | NWHL

21 February, 2017

Jones on her hat-trick at the CWHL All-Star game:
“It's definitely a great achievement. Not what I expected to accomplish that day at all. I was just hoping to keep my undefeated streak at the all star games!”

- Jess Jones | Brampton Thunder | CWHL

11 January, 2017

“Pretty special, this is personally my first DIFD game that I have been apart of and it overall was very special. Having known Daron and growing up playing with her older sister this definitely hits home. The impact DIFD has had on the hockey world is amazing, you see that purple DIFD heart everywhere around the rinks and anything we can do to help raise that awareness of youth mental health is pretty amazing.”

Jamie Lee Rattray | Brampton Thunder | CWHL

09 January, 2017

“Scoring a series clinching playoff overtime goal was something I had dreamed of doing all my life but I never expect it to come true. The rush of blood, adrenaline and excitement I felt was far more intense than I had ever dreamed of it being. After struggling offensively all season, that goal could not have come at a better time.

My confidence was in pieces and scoring that goal put me back on track and from there on out the puck just kept going in. Scoring that goal is a moment ill never forget and makes all the tough practices, late nights, long bus rides, broken bones and sore muscles absolutely worth it.” 

- Kaitlyn Lowy | Guelph Gryphons | CIS

08 January, 2017

“Playing in my 100th game was definitely a proud moment. My teammates and our staff made that night very special for me and they are the very reason why I made it to 100. Playing in this league has given me a second chance at hockey, as we didn't win many games at Brown (where I played college NCAA) and there wasn't a lot of glory! This past year has made it all worth it and my 100th was a part of that.”

- Erica Kromm | Calgary Inferno | CWHL

08 January, 2017

“I don’t like hearing girls can’t play with the boys. Just because there is no contact in female hockey doesn’t mean we can’t compete”

- Abby Beale | Moncton Rockets | Midget AAA

03 January, 2017

“I was very excited to see so many former players be recognized at our game. As an Edmontonian, I'm really glad we were able to recognize Chimos players and honour how integral they were in establishing a competitive women's team in Alberta. 

I looked up to a lot of those players growing up and was especially excited to be able to wear Brittany Maschmeyer's Chimos jersey during warmups. I have known her and her family since I was quite young and definitely looked up to her when she played on a team with my older brother.”

- Brittany Esposito | Calgary Inferno | CWHL

02 January, 2017


“Being chosen to attend the Winter Universiade is an honour and being able to share that experience with two of your teammates is truly something special.  I’m very excited to be representing Canada not only with Valerie and Katherine, but also with other girls from across the country. 


Winning the gold would be very memorable, especially considering that Canada lost in the finals at the previous Universiade and some players will be returning, so to get Canada back to the top of the podium would be amazing.”

- Kelly Gribbons | Guelph Gryphons | CIS

01 January, 2017

“I was definitely excited to see a Team Alberta jersey hanging in my stall before the game (Calgary Inferno’s Heritage Game). I was hoping it was Kathy's and was pleasantly surprised when I turned it around and saw that it was. I sent her a picture immediately and she responded with some well wishes for the game so it was for sure a special moment given everything she's done for the organization and after winning the cup last year together as goalie partners.”

- DeLayne Brian | Calgary Inferno | CWHL

20 December, 2016

“Retiring has definitely been a difficult decision, but one that I knew was the right move. I'm 30 now so keeping up with the young guns graduating college isn't easy anymore haha. Also, I graduated from physician assistant school this year and started working at Lahey a few months ago in the ICU, so given the schedule constraints of the job and the learning curve I wanted to be sure I was making my new career a priority.”

- Cherie Hendrickson | (Retired) Boston Pride | NWHL

19 December, 2016

On being named NWHL’s Player of the Week:

“It was pretty surreal, I didn’t even know until Chad announced it in the locker room after the game. It was definitely a special moment, especially after a tough week with the announcement of the pay cuts. It is always nice and an honor to be recognized like that by the league for such a special win.” 

- Katie Fitzgerald | NY Riveters | NWHL

17 December, 2016

“Winning in my debut was a great feeling. It was a very close game and it was huge for us to come back and tie the game and then go on to win in OT shootout. As a goalie, I love shootouts. It comes down to making a couple of saves to win a game and to get the opportunity to do that in my debut at home was a great experience.” 

- Emerance Maschmeyer | Calgary Inferno | CWHL

13 December, 2016

“Hockey is all about the journey. Winning nationals would be such an honour. I play not just for the big events, but for the fun, teammates and the structure that it (hockey) can also give you in life. I am more focused on the journey than the end.“

- Alison MacKenzie | McGill Martlets | CIS

11 December, 2016

“They (Poulin and Labonte) are good role models to follow. Especially for them to work with us, we want to work a lot more. Everyone looks up to them and we want to be like sponges, soaking up all their advice.”

- Jade Downie-Landry | McGill Martlets | CIS

17 November, 2016

"A boy told me I skated like a girl.  I told him if he skated a little faster he could too!"

25 October, 2016

"Playing for the Toronto Furies allows us to play in front of so many young female hockey players from around the GTA and hopefully we can inspire them as we strive to grow women's hockey. As a young girl I remember attending CWHL games and being inspired by the players. Coming home and being able to follow in these players footsteps is an incredible feeling. I'm really excited to play so close to home and have the amazing support of friends and family.” 

- Renata Fast | Toronto Furies | CWHL

24 October, 2016

“The thing I enjoyed most about my CWHL debut with the Furies was just the overall experience. Being able to continue playing hockey at such an elite level is amazing. There are so many good players in this league and being able to be a part of it is something that I have wanted since I was little."

- Jenna Dingeldein | Toronto Furies | CWHL

24 October, 2016

"I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank him for all the sacrifices he's made, the lessons he's taught me, or the Gatorades he's bought me over the years. But I can thank my dad for my love for this game, one that I feel so fortunate to continue to play each day. Some of my fondest memories start with a 4am wake up call and end with a post game talk (or silent car ride depending on how the game went). He was and still is my motivation and positive influence, in playing, in coaching, and in life." 

- Lindsay Berman | Boston Pride | NWHL

20 October, 2016

Kendra Fisher on mental health: “Most girls I played with had no idea what was happening. Some were shocked when I shared my story. I certainly have received a ton of support since then. There are people living with it but don’t want to talk about it. Fortunately, I have a strong family network; my wife has also been a strong support.”

- Kendra Fisher | Mental Health

16 October, 2016

“The actual throw was pretty bad but the experience was awesome. I wish I would have practiced a bit prior to getting out there, but I think my whole team enjoyed getting honored by the Twins and getting to go out on the field.” 

- Hannah Brandt | Minnesota Whitecaps | MN Gophers Alum

16 October, 2016

“When I first started my coaching career a year ago, my coaches at BC told me one of the most important things is to make sure your players develop into the best players that they can be. Obviously winning games is very rewarding but if the girls leave you being better than when they started and go off to great colleges to play hockey, that is better than any win.

They also told me to take everything in and that you can never learn enough. Now in my second season as a coach, I have learned that coaching is really not that easy. I have been learning that in order to run a successful hockey program, you must be able to take on various roles and responsibilities.

Being a coach is teaching so much more than just hockey. You need to be ready to be a leader on and off the ice, and a role model to your players.” 

- Danielle Doherty | Boston Shamrocks Coach | Boston College Alum

13 October, 2016

"I'm still the same player, I'm still playing in the body that I did last year, I'm still the same exact person. I'm just a different name and different pronouns, that's it. I'm still Brownie."

- Harrison Brown | Buffalo Beauts | NWHL

12 October, 2016

“I am most looking forward to joining the group of girls on the team in Calgary. The players are incredible and have been through a lot of experience. I am beyond excited to learn and play alongside them. I am excited for the challenge and look forward to improving my game. I am also excited to be apart of the CWHL league and hope to contribute in growing the game of girls’ hockey.”

- Katelyn Gosling | Calgary Inferno | CWHL

11 October, 2016

“The biggest adjustment into the coaching world is being able to face the reality that I am not able to play. Although I would like to, I cannot jump on the ice and change the outcome of the game.”

Jinelle Zaugg-Siergiej | St. Cloud State Huskies | Coach | NCAA Div 1

10 October, 2016

“The decision to retire came so unexpectedly. I quit my coaching job at Yale in the spring to focus on playing full time with the Connecticut Whale in the NWHL. I trained the entire summer and was fortunate to spend almost 2 months with family in California. While in California during the second week of August I started to feel a lack of motivation for season approaching. I cannot explain where it came from because this was the first time in 24 hockey seasons that I felt this way.”

- Jessica Koizumi | Ohio State Buckeyes | Coach | NCAA Div 1

09 October, 2016

“I am looking forward to playing in Germany this year because it'll be so different from school and Sweden. We're not practicing every day so there is more of an opportunity to work and travel. We also get to travel to countries like Austria and Hungary to play a couple games so I am really looking forward to that.”

- Shannon Stewart | ECDC Memmingen | Germany

08 October, 2016

“I think every hockey player dreams of playing their first collegiate game. For a goalie sometimes you have to wait awhile for that. I was fortunate to get my first game in pretty early and it was a dream come true. Not only to get the win, but being able to recall two years prior, imagining playing my first game. It was a really cool experience.”

Taylor Crosby | St. Cloud State Huskies | NCAA Div 1

08 October, 2016

"Walking into the dressing room for the first time, I quickly realized that most of the girls already knew each other and I began to wonder if I would fit in. This feeling only lasted a brief moment because upon my arrival, my teammates were extremely accepting of me and m  ade me feel at home. We created an instant bond that continues to grow daily. Their ability to make me comfortable in my new environment within days allowed me to perform at my best which led up to my first CIS goal."

- Taylor McGaughey | Ottawa Gee-Gees | CIS

07 October, 2016

“I was never the most talented player, so I can’t say that people will remember me for anything tangible like my shot, hands, or goal scoring abilities. However, I made sure that I did everything in my power to be the most prepared I could be and to give as much as I could to my teammates.

People will hopefully remember my work ethic and passion for growing the game.  Sometimes it was hard being a leader and giving others more energy than I had for myself, but that’s part of the responsibility and I took pride in it. When you play a team sport it’s your teammates that come first. My role in the game is still emerging and I like to think I am one of the lucky ones who gets to do what they love for a living."

- Jessica Koizumi | Ohio State Buckeyes | Coach | NCAA Div 1

07 October, 2016

“Calgary became my second home throughout all these years being here, so I really love playing in this city. I always felt lots of support when I played with the Dinos, so I am happy to continue my hockey journey in Calgary.” 

- Iya Gavrilova | Calgary Inferno | CWHL
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