16 August, 2017

"Little did I know that when Manon Rheaume played a few games for the Las vegas Thunder of the IHL that I would like womens hockey as much as I do know. My recent love for the game started with Brianne McLaughlin and the USA Womens Olympic Team. Then following other goalies like Genevieve Lacasse , Noora Raty, and Florence Schelling.  Finding out Megan Myers of the Boston Blades was from Las Vegas, NV made me a bigger fan. When McLaughlin signed with the Buffalo Beauts of the NWHL, I became the fan I am today." - John Grote | Fan | Las Vegas, NV 

10 August, 2017

“I took a lot of time these last four months to reflect on my career, my rights, and future steps that I am eager to take in my life. After thinking long and hard about exactly what those signify and how they can connect, I decided that I wasn’t ready to retire from the NWHL.

What can I say? I’m a hockey player! This game has been a big part of my life, I’m still young and I’ve got plenty of quality hockey left in me. I continued to train a lot this summer, and spent some time on-ice with [Riveters coach] Chad Wiseman, who lives a town over from me in Ontario. I realized I had more to offer.

But there were other factors, of course. The impact I was able to make as an active pro athlete in the LGBTQ community meant a lot to me. At this time – when rights seem to be getting taken away instead of gained – the platform is something I’m not ready to give up. I want to remain as visible as I can for any LGBTQ youth who may view me as a positive role model. I’m going to continue to share my story.” - Harrison Browne | New York Riveters | NWHL 

03 August, 2017

 “Up until high school I played for the Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles boys team. Playing against boys gave me my aggressive attitude and competitive edge. Since I played two years with checking, I was able to learn key aspects of the game, such as keeping my head up, playing quick, and being strong on the puck. It was an awesome experience and I believe it made me the player I am today.

In high school, I played girls’ hockey. I played for Nichols and also played for the Buffalo Bisons. Playing for both of those teams put me up against the best competition from around the country and that helped me develop as a player. It also gave me the exposure I needed to reach the Division 1 level.” - Maddie Elia | Buffalo Beauts | NWHL

02 August, 2017

“Every coach that I have had along the way has lead me to where I am today and where I was when I made the team. I have learned a lot from my past experiences. Transitioning to ball hockey was harder than I expected.

I started playing in Chicago when I first moved there in order to make friends, so the original purpose of why I started made the transition a little easier, because it was solely for fun and social purposes. I had already been playing for a couple of years before I moved to Boston and joined teams here.

Boston is highly skilled and more competitive than Chicago, so playing in Boston turned the sport from a social hobby into a passion. I have surprised myself that, at age 30, I can continue to improve in a sport that I have played for so long. I always assumed that, at some point long ago, I had peaked. I have learned that isn't the case, and hard work continues to pay off, no matter how old you are.”

- Lindsay Wilde on playing for Team USA at the 2017 ISBHF Worlds | Team USA | ISBHF

27 July, 2017

“My experience with the NWHL has been greater than I imagined. It allowed me to continue playing the game I love at a competitive level. I have met some amazing people within the Riveters organization, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.”

- Michelle Picard | NY Riveters | NWHL 

10 July, 2017

“I am beyond excited and honored to have the opportunity to sign with an NWHL team,” said Daniels, 22. “I'm so happy to have the opportunity to continue to play the sport I love in a city that I love.”

- Sydney Daniels | Boston Pride | Harvard 

04 July, 2017

“The Pride have been a very successful team the last two years and the team and fans have high expectations. I have played with some of the girls before and I am excited to be teammates with them again.”

- Janine Weber | Boston Pride | NWHL

03 July, 2017

“The way I am able to stay motivated is because I am constantly reminding myself to have fun. You can’t be uptight and expect yourself not to get burnt out. No matter what it is that you do, you have to love it. If you don't love it, it makes it truly difficult to be good at it and impossible to be happy. For me, that one thing was hockey and has continued to be hockey. You can’t ever lose touch of the reason why you do what you do, because when you lose that you start to question why you are doing it. You have to always remind yourself to have fun and to always do what you love. Take a second and think back, through all those years, to the little girl who fell in love with the game.”

- Allie Granato | UVM Catamounts | NCAA Division 1

09 June, 2017

Learning to balance hockey and academics did not come naturally for me as I struggled a bit freshman year. But with the help of the coaches and my teammates I learned how to become more successful on the ice and in the classroom. The coaches do a great job understanding how demanding academics at RPI is and making considerations when players have class conflicts. The team is also great at supporting each other in the classroom. As a freshman, it is very likely that multiple upperclassmen are in the same major as you, so have taken all the classes before. Girls are always super willing to help you out in classes or with certain subjects."

- Hannah Behounek | RPI Engineers | NCAA Division 1


04 June, 2017

"Our two seniors graduated last week on May 28th. They were an integral part of our team and I'm certainly going to miss them. After they left and we, the juniors, realized that we are the leaders of our team, it was something great. All 6 of us are extremely excited to finally be seniors and to be looked at as real leaders on our team and at school."

- Marielle McHale | Williston Northampton | Prep School 

31 May, 2017

“I am going to focus on playing my game and putting forth my best effort every day and enjoy the moment. I am looking forward to working, learning, and forming relationships with these girls. Getting the opportunity to try-out, improve, and the chance to represent my country in the Olympics is a dream come true; being able to do it with my sister is an indescribable feeling.”

- Amy Potomak | Hockey Canada | IIHF

26 May, 2017

“I do not think I had much of a reaction at first aside from a little bit of shock, it seemed pretty surreal at the time and it definitely took me a while to process it. The first thing I did after I found out was call my mom, my best friend, and my coach. It sunk in a little bit more after hearing their excitement and sharing that moment with them.”

- Micah Hart | Cornell University | Hockey Canada 

20 May, 2017

“From playing over in Sweden and being able to see their country was my favorite part outside of the rink. On my free time I was able to travel and visit other countries as well which was amazing.

In terms of hockey - meeting the girls and forming great relationships with them that will hopefully last years and years. Overall it was such an amazing experience and would not have done it any differently.”

- Shelby Bram | Brynäs IF | Sweden

20 May, 2017

On the 2017 Face-off to Fight Cervical Cancer:

“This is a very special cause to me because we have a direct relation to the cofounder of Teal power, Tyler Puley - Tyler, is a very good friend of my boss, Steve. Any time I am able to help out anyone is a special moment and especially being able to help out for a great cause is even more touching - especially when it touches so close to home.”

- Rebecca Vint | Brampton Thunder | CWHL

19 May, 2017

On winning the York Sport Excellence Award:

“This award adds a lot more meaning and satisfaction to my journey as a varsity athlete at York. It gives a feeling of accomplishment and reassurance that all the hard work I put into hockey and school work is recognized and appreciated.

But primarily, to be honest, earning this award gives me an opportunity to make my parents proud and show them I am grateful for the support with my academics and my hockey career and that none if it was taken for granted.”

- Justine Treadwell | York Lions | USports

19 May, 2017

“We had a good set up in Plymouth [at the 2017 World Championships] and felt very comfortable,” Harss said in regards to the differences between the team’s 2015 and 2017 tournaments. “Over the last three years we improved and grew a lot as a team, including many ups and downs. This has helped us to develop a good team chemistry and I also think it was very important for us to have a good start in the tournament. After beating Sweden we gained confidence and we knew we could move on.”

- Jenny Harss | Team Germany | IIHF

15 May, 2017

“While I may not have been a strong enough hockey player to actually make it on the ice with Team Canada, I always knew I wanted to some how, some day be a part of the national program, so I worked hard to use the abilities and skills I did have to eventually make it there.

I still can't believe it actually happened, but I became the first full-time female in Hockey Canada's communications department, and the first female media relations coordinator to stand on the blue line and sing O Canada along with my teammates -- both players and staff members -- after winning a world championship!”

- Kristen Liscombe | Journalist |

15 May, 2017

“There have been a lot of favourite moments this year, but the one that stands out would have to be winning the McCaw Cup at home, surrounded by my family and friends. The feeling of winning such an important game and then sharing that with my family is something that I will never be able to describe.

Hockey has been a huge part of my life and my family embraced my passion for hockey and has been the best support system I could have ever asked for. Having an amazing family like them and then an amazing team created a really awesome atmosphere, and I will never forget that.”

- Katherine Bailey | Guelph Gryphons | USports 

15 May, 2017

“What I enjoy most about still being able to play hockey is the mere fact that I am still able to play at a competitive level.  I am fortunate with my work schedule, that I am able to manage both work and playing hockey.  But for me the thing I enjoy the most is that I still have fun playing and I able to share the experience with some close friends.”

- Amanda Parkins | Lady Rangers | OWHA

13 May, 2017

“It was an incredible feeling that I will never forget. With some ups and downs throughout the season, we knew it was going to take 100% of the roster, 100% of the time. It took every single one of us to get our main goal achieved and we can walk away from this season knowing we gave it everything we could to come out on top.”

- Erin Brand | Plattsburgh Cardinals | NCAA D3

13 May, 2017

“It has been so fun and such an honor to work with Kyra and Tera this past season. They are both hard-working, talented goaltenders and also two great teammates that I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to play with.

Our goalie coach, Chris Ardito, has contributed a great deal to the fantastic goalie dynamic during my time at Yale and I know that he is our greatest mentor. I work hard to set an example for Kyra and Tera on the ice, in the weight room and in the classroom because they both have so much potential!”

- Hanna Mandl | Yale Bulldogs | NCAA Div 1 

12 May, 2017

“It is a surreal feeling to finish with a fourth consecutive national championship ... especially (to) finish my senior year with a perfect record in the NCAA tournament. The team felt great heading into overtime, we knew we had the momentum on our side. We felt the most confident we had all game.”

- Camille Leonard | Plattsburgh Cardinals | NCAA Div 3 

11 May, 2017

“As a local and an avid Boston sports fan, it’s a pretty incredible feeling to be on the field at Fenway Park. To have the opportunity to step on the mound 3 times is beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and it NEVER gets old!

It was quite the honor for our team to be invited to Fenway and the Red Sox were incredibly gracious hosts, treating us to the game and lunch as well - for players and guests! Getting to share a moment like that with my teammates and closest friends, with gold medals around our necks, just makes it extra special!” 

- Meghan Duggan | USA Hockey | IIHF | 

28 April, 2017

"When we came to the rink the video camera was ready to film the underdogs exit the bus, join us for warm ups and in the locker room. Not quite similar to our normal league games at home! 

Russia opened the scoring just 2 minutes into the game.  But we bounced back in the second and took the lead in the third. With a great teamwork and a little help from the goal post – history was made! A German women’s team never made it to the semifinals, nor did a promoted team. That’s when the American Media gave us the name: Cinderella

We knew what to expect from the US girls. But still there was just one thing in our minds: Go out and try to play the best hockey possible. Oh, hold on. Maybe there was another thing: Soak it all in because you never know if you get this chance again. To play in the semifinal-game against the host nation who just reached a big success by speaking up for themselves and future girls."

- Julia Zorn | Team Germany Captain | IIHF

26 April, 2017

“Ironically, I think that I've been able to have some success statistically because that's never been my primary focus. I was definitely aware that my role on the team was to produce, but I just tried to create chances for my team and that was through being the hardest working on the ice, taking pride in my face-offs, and finding opportunities for my linemates. My dad has always told me that if you work hard and play the right way, the points will come.”

Krista Yip-Chuck | Yale Bulldogs | NCAA Div 1

23 April, 2017

“Honestly, balancing both sports and academics has been pretty easy. People may think it is very difficult but I am getting it done. It may be stressful at times, when it comes to conflicts between two sports, but that is it. It is all worth it in the end and I am so glad (that) I am able to play two sports while getting an education and I would not want to change anything!”

- Krystin Lawrence | Windsor Lancers | CIS

20 April, 2017

"When I was little, I was lucky enough to grow up being a part of such a huge hockey family. One of my first memories as a kid is going to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah to see my aunt, Cammi Granato, captain the USA Women’s Ice Hockey team. I was five years old at the time, unaware of the importance of the event. The remarkable thing about it all is even though I didn't exactly understand how big of a deal the Olympics was at the time, the memory of it still sticks with me so vividly to this day."

- Allie Granato | Vermont Catamounts | NCAA Div 1

19 April, 2017

“Being a leader on this team has been an incredible experience for the entire year, but leading into Nationals it took on a larger meaning for me as I wanted to do all that I could to not only ensure that I was bringing my absolute best, but that I was leading and inspiring this team to believe that we deserved to be in the tournament and that we could compete with the other teams.”

- Jessica Wakefield | Queen's Golden Gaels | CIS

12 April, 2017

On being recognized as an Honorable Mention All-Ivy:

"I wanted to be able to walk away from the rink this season knowing I gave everything I had to the sport and for my teammates, and getting the honorable mention helped me feel like I, in some way, helped honor our team and my teammates and their character in receiving it."

- Kennedy Ottenbreit | Dartmouth College | NCAA Division 1

12 April, 2017

“Besides winning the championship I would say being accepted into the team and community with the Sirens was a highlight in making me feel welcomed and comfortable living on the other side of the world. Girls on the team took me out to see all the tourist attractions including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. My very first weekend in Australia, three girls on the team took me camping and all I can remember was how cold it was sleeping in the tent and thinking that Australia is supposed to be warm all year round, but I was wrong (laughs).”

- Erin Beaver | Sydney Sirens | AWIHL (Australia)

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