1. Special Teams
  2. 4-5 Penalty Kill vs. Overload Umbrella – 1-3-1 Diamond

4-5 Penalty Kill vs. Overload Umbrella – 1-3-1 Diamond

Key Points:
Sticks in the passing lanes. Straight line stop and start skating. Cover puck carrier but do not chase passes. Shin pads in front of the shot. Play 4-4 closest to the puck carrier and give them the player two passes away and then adjust on the first pass. Never allow a shot from the mid-point. One defender challenge the puck carrier with either contain or pressure. Hard on any player facing the boards or without control of the puck. Swarm when in a battle on the boards and the player is facing the glass. Give the pp a 2-1 as far away as possible.
High forward defending Umbrella drop into the cross ice passing lane when the puck is passed to a player at the top of the circle. Puck on one side then the weak side player cover a low attacker.

1. High press vs. the Overload power play.
2. Diamond vs. the Umbrella.
3. Diamond vs. the 1-3-1.
4. Forecheck in and I tandem.
* Another option called the low press but not covered here is the forward force the pass low and play a low 3-3.

Video: Tom Molloy