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What Separates Good Teams From Championship Teams


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The main ingredient that separates good teams from championship teams is habits.  When I think of great teams, I think of those that take no days off.  Every practice, every game and every shift is done with 100% effort.  Mistakes are bound to happen, it is simply inevitable.  However, recovering from those mistakes by re-establishing puck procession, moving your feet on the forecheck or backchecking hard has potential to turn any bad bounce into an offensive opportunity.  The game should be seen as a result of hard work… not just in a single game, but also from the week of practice and preparation before hand.  

Accountability can be described by holding others responsible for their actions.  This is another ingredient towards success.  On a team, each member must hold themselves and their teammates to the highest standard.  To ensure that this happens, trust and commitment within the teams dynamic must be built.  In order to take the off ice chemistry of a team to the next level they must be forced outside of their comfort zone and be exposed to unfamiliar elements.

The University of Guelph did just that over several weekends of team building exercises.  The first of which took place in Calgary where we participated in a high ropes challenge course in the Olympic village.  The girls were coached to take risks and learn to listen to the ideas of the entire group in order to execute tasks.  The following weekend landed us back on familiar ground with a camping trip to Guelph Lake.  Before we were tossed in the wilderness, a trained team building group from “Me to We” was brought in to help us develop a mission statement.  This year, our mission statement described not only the current Gryphon team, but those that are part of the programs’ legacy and future.  This statement embodies the pride it takes to wear a gryphon on your chest.  It is a privilege to be part of this family.  

We will respect the ones who came before us,

Sacrifice for the ones who stand beside us

And fight for the legacy we will leave behind.

In regular season play, the Gryphs won their home opener against the York Lions followed by another win on the road at Ryerson.  Unfortunately, we tallied our first loss of the season against University of Toronto in a shoot-out.  

The hard work and development of good habits is still an ongoing process.  Everyday we will get better.


Bye for now,

Katie Mora 



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