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It is the feel of our gear on our bodies. It is the sound of tape being stretched over our pads to hold them in place. It is the weight of our sticks in our hands. The touch of the puck and the sound of skates cutting into the freshly made ice under our feet. The surge of adrenalin right before we make a good play or score a goal. It is the love of hockey, the desire to win, and the memories we make that fuels us.

From the moment we step off of the ice after our last game in March, we long to put back on our jersey and start playing games again. We count the hours, cross of days on our calendar waiting for November 1st to come. We prepare all spring, summer, and fall for the next season. We skate, lift, run, sweat, and bleed for the opportunity to walk away with a NESCAC championship and a berth in the NCAA tournament. 

Our summers are spent balancing our summer jobs and activities with lifting four days a week, running six days a week, and skating as often as we can. It is the time to gain strength and bolster our endurance. Summer is the opportunity to improve in all aspects of the game. We hold each other accountable and know that the person standing next to you on the bench worked her hardest and wants to win as much as you do. 

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