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Viewing America From A New Perspective

I just had the best week with my parents. They came to visit and we had a great time. Lots of hockey! I had 3 games while they were here. We played Segeltorps twice and AIK. Won all 3! We had a rough start to the season with 4 losses in a row, but we have turned it around and have won the last 4 games. I think we just needed some time to get used to each other and fix our mistakes. We have been dealing with injuries and players being away with their national teams also. It is time for the Olympic qualifications, so a lot of our team is in and out playing for that. Next weekend is an away trip against Brynäs and Leksand. Two tough games. We lost to them before, so hopefully we will take it to them this time. After next weekend, we have a break from games for two weeks.

The best part about my parent’s visit was that we didn’t really do much. Most visits involve trying to see everything and everything and not really having any down time. Since my parents had been here in February, we didn’t need to do the tourist things. We just chilled and had a lot of fika. The one cool thing we did was go out to the Cloetta candy factory. There is a store there selling all the candy the factory makes. So much candy. It was awesome. My parents bought $100 worth of candy to bring back to the States as gifts. I asked my parents to bring so much stuff from the States that they had to check an extra bag! Red solo cups was a must, of course. Halloween decorations, funfetti cake mix, and my favorite toiletries and medicines. I will be going home for Christmas and New Years this year, so I am looking forward to that. I haven’t been home since I moved to Sweden last August. Now Sweden feels normal to me and I think America will feel weird. I’m interested to see how I will view America now that I have been outside of it for a while. 

Besides hockey, I am working on my thesis. I haven’t worked since the beginning of September so I need to get back into it. The school hasn’t needed me to substitute and the warehouse hasn’t needed me either. Maybe soon I will get some work. Along with my thesis, I am taking my second level of Swedish. Now that I have been here over a year, I can really understand it. Speaking is my weakness. I am just too slow. But it will come with practice and time. The days are getting darker and colder fast. I am taking advantage of the light while it is still here. Once it is really dark and cold I will really focus in on my thesis. For now, I am doing the fika thing, chilling with friends, and spending most of my time at the rink. 


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