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I have used the dead bug exercises for over 10 years and think it is one of the best exercises to train your external obliques. The external obliques work with your glutes and hamstrings to keep your pelvis neutral. Keeping your pelvis neutral is vital to reduce the chance of low back pain and hip injuries.

If you can keep your pelvis neutral then all the muscles (hip flexors, adductors, abductors, etc.) will be at a normal length-tension relationship. This is important so that all of those different muscles can generate force and reduce force more efficiently. That’s why training your external obliques are very important. Here is a new progression for dead bugs that we are going to use, see what you think:

Note – The reps are done for breathes; we will perform 3-6 breathes per side. The exhale is done while the movement occurs.

Brijesh Patel - S&C Quinnipiac University


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