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  2. Veteran Loaded Roster Has UMass-Boston Locked, Loaded and Ready for Season

Veteran Loaded Roster Has UMass-Boston Locked, Loaded and Ready for Season


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Greetings from Beaconville, MA!  

It is a busy and bustling fall here already.  We were extremely lucky to have our ice down within a few days of coming back to campus so naturally we have taken full advantage.  We come locked and loaded into preseason after the hard fought loss to Norwich in league playoffs last year.  We have more than a dozen seniors returning, as well as incredible veteran players who have set the tone for the newcomers.   Our workouts are early mornings and with the help of a new trainer, Ron, as well as one of seniors from last year Courtney White, we are preparing to be a high-level contending team this upcoming year.  Our strength in the past has been internal, so Ron and Court are harnessing that and cultivating us into strong athletes inside and out.  

The thing I like most about this school and the athletes here is where people’s motivations are.  This school has a happy, hard-working, and humble way about it, constantly growing and developing.   I would say that is the same for our team and the athletics department as a while.  My classmates and teammates alike are often fulltime or part time employees while being full time students and athletes.  The mutual respect this community has for each other is something I wish I could capture and spread across the world.   People here know the work that is needed to put in and are deeply rooted in the pursuit of improving.   

What’s on the docket?

  • Working the annual Walk for Breast Cancer this Sunday Oct.5 
  • Our first games are Oct. 31/Nov.1 vs. Hobart and William Smith (new team)
  • A New and Improved INCREDIBLE warm up mix by my very own goalie partner, Casey Schaejbe 
  • A lot of laughs love and happiness (and hopefully a handful of wins) on the pursuit of the best senior year possible 

Signing out,

Moe Money

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