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Most students in college get to enjoy a nice long winter break vacation with their families, while many student athletes have to report back to school early to continue with their training. This year our team’s vacation was extended with a trip to Hyannis, in Cape Cod. We arrived back on campus New Year’s Day and were off to have our first practice of the year in Hyannis. 

Everyone was excited to be reunited after a few weeks away from each other. We picked off right where we left off in December, it felt as if we never even took a break. Practice was fun and all but the real fun was when we checked into our hotel.  We stayed at the Cape Codder Resort and Spa in Hyannis, it had a water park! Although we are grown women, we were just as excited as little kids would be.  The water park was inside and for ours on end you could find us in the jacuzzi, on the water slides and in the wave pool. My favorite part was the outdoor jacuzzi and pool. It was 20 degrees and freezing outside but a few of us managed to make our way outside in our swimsuits. I have never been in a pool or jacuzzi when it was this cold out before, I found it to be a great experience. After all of the hours we spent and fun we had in the water park it was time for dinner. 

Every time we have been to Hyannis for Hockey East Playoffs we have ate dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse called the Brazilian Grill. Everyone was excited to go there again because the food has always been very good. If you have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse before I suggest that you should go. You have a card and if you turn it over to green the servers will keep coming over with more food until you flip it to red. They offer a variety of different kind of meats that are all very tasty. Every year our goalie Corrine Boyles, tries a chicken heart. After dinner the servers came out with a huge cart of dessert for us to choose from. Everyones eyes lit up and chose what they thought looked best, there were many chocolate cakes on the table. We left with full stomaches and ready for a good nights rest. 

The next day we practiced and arrived back to Boston College. We had a great time in Hyannis. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas breaks!

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