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Update on Broken Leg for Jubb

Hey everyone!

My broken leg is healing up quite nicely, I get re x-rayed on Thursday so I’ll know more then but I’m allowed to walk on it a bit with the crutches so that’s a start! I’m very interested to see what the next X-ray shows so that I can hopefully start doing rehab soon! Our team is doing well so far. It is kind of funny because I am doing my teaching practicum right now for Physical Education but I’m still on crutches so it is a little ridiculous! But I will be off of the crutches in about a week, so it could have been worse and taken up more of my practicum!

As for the hockey season… we lost one game to UBC and to Manitoba, which doesn’t normally happen, but the league is getting a lot closer the last couple of years and there is some really good competition! We are playing Lethbridge this weekend and we won 5-0 last night so I think we finally found it in ourselves to put the puck in the net, something in which we were lacking at the beginning of the year.

We also play Wickenheiser next weekend so I am very excited to watch that game! U of C hasn’t been doing as good as I thought they would have been with her on the team. They split with Regina and they also lost to UBC last night! So it goes to show that one person can’t make a team amazing.  Team unity and cohesion is what will make a team amazing. I do not know what the U of C girls think of having Wickenheiser on their team, it would be interesting to find that out for sure!

Anyways, I will be keeping everyone updated on my leg and how the team is doing!


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