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Union Dutchwomen Gather Together During the Summer Months

Hello again to everyone! I was pleased as punch to open Microsoft word on my computer, and find that the last thing I typed was my last blog. A true sign that summer is in full swing and essays have been moved from the back burner to off the stove completely. It’s a perfect time to relax with family and some old friends, all the while gearing up for next season. I grew up in Syracuse, NY, but now live in Minnesota. Our family still has a cottage in NY, so the summertime is perfect for making a road trip cross country and heading to the big apple, which is exactly what I did in July. 

Only being in New York for a little bit, I try and sync up with some teammates while sort of in town. Yes, when you drive over 1,000 miles, the entire east coast is considered to be “in town”. Those who are able to attend will head up to Kayleigh “finesse” Melia’s cabin for a weekend in New Hampshire. Usually it is myself, Lauren “Darleen” Hoffman, and Perri “Smiley McGee” Maduri who join the Melia family for some scorching sun burns and cookouts. Hoff and Big P were unable to attend this year, but luckily Hoff was able to get to my cabin for a little bit of tubing and some embarrassing stories told by my family members. Sorry, Hoff.

This year, however, many more were able to get to the Melia cabin due to a significant lack of work scheduling. Or a lack of jobs. There’s an advantage to not knowing what you’re going to do with your life, and not having an internship. Deal with it, world. So, instead, we all hung out for the weekend basking in the sun and playing some standard lawn games. Marissa “Tigger” Gentile had her heart set on participating in a two-story tall ropes course in a nearby town, and proceeded to exclaim for several hours that we were all going to dominate this course, as if there was a prize for doing so. On our way to “the jungle” as it was called, we got side-tracked to a tourist spot known as Weirs Beach, and bought all sorts of tee-shirts and hit up the penny arcade for longer than should be shared to the public. Needless to say, by the time we left Weirs, we had no money for the ropes course, and it was most likely closed anyways. So that was the grand finale to our trip. Huge shoutout to the Melia family for all the food and good times! It is much appreciated and never goes unnoticed how welcoming you always are.

It’s the casual get-togethers that remind us of all the things hockey brings into our lives. We started playing because we loved the sport. Along the way we met numerous friends that quickly became family. There’s a genuine understanding and appreciation that goes into what we do as a team, and the bonds we form only make our friendships stronger. I had lunch with graduated senior Elsa “DMX” Perushek just last week and will miss her and the other seniors dearly next season. I’m about 108% positive I speak for everyone on our team when I say we cannot WAIT to get back on campus. Lauren “Kramer” Cromartie is flying to MN and we are driving back to campus. Joining our roadtrip is Jeannie “Sabs” Sabourin and Elsa “mini van” Breustle. The roadtrip will be a caravan of schenanigans, and most likely open to picking up hitch-hikers. If you are interested please call 1-800-we-might-be-serious because we’re thinking of forming a band. Or starting our own T.V. show. Either way, call the number and we’ll talk about it. 

I shall check back in sometime mid September. Once we survive testing and our first week of practices I will introduce the newborns of our family (the freshmen) and get some quotes on the upcoming season. Don’t miss it!



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