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Union Defenseman Maddy Norton Featured on Cake Boss!


Hello to all. We here at Union are buzzing about one of our dearest friends and teammates known as Maddy “I went to Choate” Norton for being on the hit television show CAKE BOSS! I don’t know if you heard of it or not. It is kind of a big deal. 

The bottom line is that nobody on our team had any idea that Maddy enjoyed baking. Or could even cook, for that matter. Coach Claudia Asano was rattled by the news. “She didn’t offer to bake my wedding cake.” Assistant Coach Ali Boe was equally as upset. “She should focus less on baking and more on breaking the puck out of the zone.” Despite the curveball that Maddy threw all of us, however, we were absolutely THRILLED she was on TV. Not as much as Maddy, of course. After seeing the episode, several opinions changed. Claudia decided that she did a great job, and Boey appreciated her dirty icing skills.

The team, on the other hand, was less than impressed. Our bellies had not been filled by any delicious baked goods, and we will continue to hold a grudge until this useless cat that refers to herself as “Doll” bakes us a stupid cake already. We are hungry. Feed us. Attached is the behind the scenes interview of Maddy Norton. Forever a boss of cakes. Allegedly.


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