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Trinity College Visits Niagara Falls During A Snowstorm

Hello Everyone!

Since I have last written a lot has happened both at Trinity as well as with hockey. Last time I wrote we were headed off to our first and only major away trip of winter break to Buffalo, New York. A lengthy ride up, 6 hours, we spent most of our time napping, watching movies and for some of us reading, myself included. We arrived Thursday night and immediately went to Chef’s restaurant. We were all excited to play in Buffalo but I know most of us were excited about the spaghetti parm from Chef’s which is as good as the name might suggest. So after over eating spaghetti parm we headed to Brigitte Cellino’s house, a senior captain on the team, for a little down time. After we left the seniors, who were staying at Brigitte’s house, we checked into the hotel where most of us went to bed immediately as Mr. Cellino had a busy day planned the next day including visiting Niagara Falls and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House. 

We were all up and about early the next day and were greeted with a nice….snow storm. Now I know what you are thinking, they are definitely not going to Niagara falls. Well, we did and as pretty as it was, well what little we could see through the snow, it was hard to tell because most of us had scarves and hoods covering our faces as we all tried not to freeze. From there we visited the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin house complex where we got a nice tour and lunch before we went back to the Cellino’s to relax before leaving for our game. As for hockey, we swept the weekend against Buffalo State winning both games and left Buffalo having had a great weekend of food, sightseeing and hockey. 

After our games against southern Maine and Williams, we increased our record from 1-0-6 going into winter break to 4-0-7. After Williams we got on a winning streak winning our next two games against Hamilton and then again against Colby bumping our record up to 8-0-7 and were now tied for third place in the NESCAC with Bowdoin! This weekend was a tough weekend as we fell both games against Bowdoin dropping to fourth overall in the NESCAC. 

With winter break coming to a close, classes have now been officially in session again for two weeks, and this semester is not going to be easy. I am taking the second level intro Biology Class with Lab, Vertebrate Zoology with lab, Spanish, and squash for half the semester and everything but squash, of course, is going to be a lot of work. The first couple weeks have been long as we are just getting back into the swing of things and everyone is looking to start the spring semester off on the right foot. As for hockey, we have four games left, Amherst this coming week, and Wesleyan the week after, before we head into the NESCAC playoffs. This season has proved to be a bumpy ride but as always our team has come together and overcome the adversity. I look forward to the rest of the season and can’t believe it is already coming to an end. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy February and I hope when I write again I have some good news about NESCAC playoffs!


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