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Trinity College Bids Farewell to their 6 Seniors

Hello everyone, my name is Kristen Maxwell and I am a rising sophomore at Trinity College this year. I am from Nashville, TN and believe it or not have been playing hockey since I was seven. I went to a coed boarding school, the Westminster School, in Simsbury, Connecticut to play hockey after traveling all over the country with various travel programs. Going to play hockey at boarding school was one of the best decisions I made, and it is probably the only reason I found Trinity. Hockey has always been a passion of mine and to think I almost gave it up to go back home is hard for me to believe now. After only one year at Trinity, I already feel like I have made a lifetime of memories and made friends that I will never lose.  Playing in a competitive league such as the NESCAC, players are not only pushed physically through their athletics but are encouraged to thrive in the classroom. My Freshman year was definitely a transition from the eight classes a day at boarding school to my usual two or three at Trinity so time management became a whole new concept. I can’t believe my first year at Trinity is over, but it was a great spring and a great graduation as we bid farewell to our six great seniors!

With a long week of exams coming to a close I saw my first year of college fly by. After a good year and an exciting season, the Trinity Women’s hockey team congratulated our six seniors on their graduation May 22nd 2011. Kim Weiss, Laura Komarek, Michelle Benjamin, Jill Roloff, Alex Guglielmi, and Sarah Kohn were great players and leaders on our team this year and they will be missed. With everyone going their separate ways and summer workouts starting in a couple days, individual workouts and training are important as we prepare for what should be another successful season. I miss everyone already and it has only been a couple weeks. Speaking for everyone, we are all excited for the new first years to join the team, and to have another successful season for Trinity Women’s hockey. That’s all for now as the summer is just getting started can’t wait to get back to campus for next season to start!!



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