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Tremble Looks to Yoga to Help Improve Her Game

The end of July? Most of you are probably like me in saying: Where did the summer go? While the majority of my summer has been spent flitting from Summer camp (working, not attending), to my afternoon office job (as a brochure designer), to the gym (for some lifting and cardio) there have been some relaxing moments as well as some exciting ones thrown in the mix! For example, my fiends and I decided to spend my birthday weekend white water rafting in the Delaware water gap. Sure, it’s no grand canyon rapids, but it was exciting at times. And I certainly was sore the next day from the absurd amount of paddling I had done. 

Other than rolling down the river I have been to a Yankee game or two but the majority of my summer excitement has been at open hockey. Last year I went to the Palisades Mall ice rink to skate on Saturday nights at 10 PM with a group of gray-haired men and their 12-year-old sons. It was low key but gave me a chance to work on a lot of technique, especially when the odd former college player would show up and shoot on me. Thinking it would be much the same crowd this year I didn’t hesitate in inviting my sister–four years my senior, a six year retired ice hockey player–along with me to get her legs back. 

When we stepped on the ice that night the air of the place seemed a little different and as the players began to file onto the ice I could see this crowd was much more youthful, and less arthritic. After what seemed like the longest two hour open hockey of my life my sister and I had figured out that these were a collection of former and current Junior A and B level boys. They certainly showed it as well. But, we braved the storm that first night and since then have come to realize that the atmosphere is just as casual and light as it had been. In fact, I love getting shot on by these players as it is my one chance a week to keep my hockey legs in shape.

Speaking of getting in shape, I have recently taken to yoga. Centering the mind and body had never struck me as important before but it has already helped me on the ice to keep my frustrations from getting in the way of my game. It has also improved my balance and given my core a new level of stability. 

School starts in a month (at least for me) and I have just recently found out who my Freshmen are! They seem like a really cool and diverse group and I am so excited to live with them and get to know them as a group and as individuals!

Well, I’m afraid that’s all for now. I really got to run. No, really, at the track, it hasn’t been below 85 degrees here in ages, it’s 80…but I’ll take what I can get!


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