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So since the last time I have talked to you we have had two games, both of which we won! I got my first goal in our first game against Slovenia and we won 3-2. Our team is still getting used to playing together and I think the next time we play them we should do a lot better. Our second game was against Budapest. That was a very intense game and penalties were being called all over the place. This hockey is a lot different from division 1 hockey. That being said I ended up with 2 goals, and as the Austrian paper said getting into a “brawl”.  The first goal was a two on one with my roommate Felica. She passed it across to me and I scored on a wrist shot. The second goal was a breakaway from a pass right up the middle of the ice. The team we played was very dirty and they were trying to take cheap shots at players on our team. Either way we ended up winning 4-2. After the game we had to rush home because it was time to pack for ITALY. 

This was our first big trip! I wanted to go to Italy for my birthday but because we have a game next weekend this weekend worked better for us. We stayed in Venice for 5 nights and travelled from Venice to St. Marco, and Verona. Venice was the most beautiful place I have ever been. As you know it is all water so my roommates and I took an hour boat ride all around Venice for only 50 euros. We had the cutest Old Italian man as our driver, although he couldn’t speak any English ha-ha. But one of the coolest parts was he even let me drive the boat through Venice! We spent our first few days in Venice seeing the beautiful sites and of course shopping. Next we went to St. Marco and saw the beautiful churches, museums, and plazas. Just taking the boat ride over to St. Marco was so amazing. Verona was our next destination and when we got off the train we met a girl named Jane who was also travelling around Verona just for the day. We ended up going to this huge arena where they still have performances, and the best part about this trip was we went to Juliette’s balcony. This is where the original movie Romeo and Juliette was made. When we got there we saw a big statue of her, which rubbing will bring you good luck, and love!  Then we saw her balcony and underneath was a wall full of love letters from people all around the world. Some were asking for Juliette to help them find love and others were there to say they had found love. I wrote one for my parents who are high school sweethearts and have been happy together ever since. On the fence were hundreds maybe thousands of locks (which symbolized locking your love for someone, who you then give the key too). What a beautiful place that was. We spent the last night having some fun in Venice and hanging out with each other at the hotel. We woke up early the next morning because we wanted to get home in time for the last night of Oktoberfest. That was pretty amazing and I got to hold hands with the singer in the band. I also had the biggest beer I have ever seen in my life and partied with hundreds and hundreds of people. There was so much dancing and it was such a great time. 

Next weekend we play Slovenia again and hopefully I will bring good news to next week’s blog!



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