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  2. Training Camp Begins for HC Lugano In Lenzerheide

Training Camp Begins for HC Lugano In Lenzerheide


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Hey Everyone!

So I’m still enjoying playing hockey over here in the land of Roger Federer. We had our first game this past Saturday, which is always exciting, even though it was just an exhibition game. We won 5-0. Not too bad, we’ll take it. It was a bit of a feeling out process so we’ll see how next weekend goes when we have…wait for it…wait for it…2 games. I know right? They ask a lot of us but I’m sure we can handle it.

We had our training camp in Lenzerheide the other weekend. That was quite the team bonding time. It was such a gorgeous town you almost felt guilty for having training camp there. One of the days there we all took rides down this luge type course in these little cars. It’s kind of hard to explain but let me just say it was awesome. You control the speed you’re going and my roommate and I didn’t really feel a need to touch the brakes. Definitely a fun experience.

We already took our first tourist trip. The first weekend we were here we had off so we decided to take a little drive to Venice, Italy. I know I’m kind of traveling back in time with this blog entry but it’s okay, I promise. I must say Venice is pretty awesome. Who knew it was an island? I mean obviously I knew it was by the water but I didn’t realize it was actually in the water. Yes, I do have a college degree, just not in geography. Anyway, my roommate and I had no problem being the tourists with the big cameras around their necks. It’s not like we were the only ones anyway. The weather was perfect and the tiny streets and canals are pretty cool. We took a little gondola ride through the canals, because well you’re in Venice, you kind of have to. We enjoyed some pizza, pasta, and shopping then we were off. Just a quick little visit and we were back to “work”. 

Now the season is really starting up and us foreigners are on the ice everyday. We have practice three times a week with the team then we have ice two times a week with the junior boys team. They’re fun skill sessions but boys will be boys…

That’s all I’ve got for you guys. Next time I write in hopefully we have a bunch of wins and a goose egg in the loss column.



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