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  2. Thompson Enjoys Christmas Skiing the Slopes of Whistler

Thompson Enjoys Christmas Skiing the Slopes of Whistler


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Sorry for my two-month absence, I have to admit the stresses of third year Journalism finally got to me. All is well now and I am back to update my readers on the past two month. Just a little warning, since I went back home for a month, this post will be more about my trip rather then about hockey! 

This Christmas included work, a trip to Whistler, and mostly nice relaxing time spent with my family. 

For those of you who know, Whistler is one of the best ski hills in the world. It is filled with runs that range in the level of difficulty. Growing up in Vancouver, I had the privilege to ski up at Whistler for a week every year since I was little; therefore, the runs my family went down were mostly in the trees where you can find the fresh powder. Since it had been a year from the last time I was on skis, I have to admit I fell quite a few times, but all and all it was an amazing trip. 

Once we returned home from Whistler, it was an extremely busy three days. First, Christmas Eve, which consists of my family getting a little too competitive over some Christmas games in order to win the first place title and some dollar store prizes—my team ended up coming in third out of four teams that night. Then came Christmas day, which for some reason always takes the longest time to come and then goes by so incredibly fast. Anyways, my family woke up, gave each other presents, and then went to my Grandmother’s house for breakfast. Finally, we had to drive, rather quickly, to the ferry to travel to Victoria to see the other side of my family. Safe to say it was a busy Christmas, but I would have to say one of my favourites. The one negative about my Christmas was that there were a lot of ‘joke’ presents given, which resulted in many nerf gun wars between my brother, my dad, and myself. 

Back to a hockey perspective, my team went to the first tournament of the New Year from January 3rd until the 5th. The team showed up for an early morning practice on the second in preparation. With only one practice since returning from Christmas, the girls came together to win one and lose two. For now, we are just training to prepare for the second half of the year! 

See you guys in a month! 

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