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The Road to the Frozen Four

It has been a few weeks now since the National Championship game and the conclusion of the Women’s Frozen Four.  I’ve been wanting to write about that weekend, but it was still too fresh of a wound to let myself sit down and really think about it.  Anyone who has ever lost a big game will know just what kind of emotional roller coaster comes after it’s all over.  Like all wounds though, with time, they heal.  It will never get easy to lose, especially in a game as big as the National Championship, but as any one of my teammates will tell you, win or lose, the experience of just being a part of the Frozen Four is something so special it is hard to put into words.  All season, every teams goal is to make it to the final weekend, the final game of the season.  Every team works their hardest to be the last two teams standing. To have that goal become a reality is simply indescribable.  

On the day of the Championship game, I looked around the locker room and reflected back on our season.  Every set back that we had encountered, we had over come.  We had done what we had set out to accomplish.  We won the regular season, we won the Hockey East Championship, we had made it to the Frozen Four, and better yet we had made it to the Championship game.  We were fortunate enough to be preparing to play in the last game of the season. I could see the excitement in everyone’s eyes, but especially those eyes of the freshman and sophomores who had never been in such a position before.  In the junior and seniors eyes, I could see a bit more ease, because we had been there once before.  We all believed in our goal, but more importantly we all believed in each other.  And while the results were not what we wanted, we never once gave up on each other.  We played hard until the final buzzer.  I remember thinking to myself with five minutes to go in the game, “The boys did it in 2009, there’s still a chance.” Not once did I lose faith in my team.  But like I said, it didn’t end the way we had hoped, and this year was just not our year.  Now that time has healed the wounds a little, I can look back at that weekend and take away many memories that will last a lifetime.  

This season, I walk away knowing the best has yet to come for the Terriers.  Thus begins the road filled with hard work that will hopefully lead us to the next Frozen Four.   While many see it as the “offseason,” those of us returning next year see it as the beginning of the new season.  








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