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  2. The Most Anticipated Season of the Year … Hockey Season!

The Most Anticipated Season of the Year … Hockey Season!


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The year is finally here! After a long summer of training and skating, I am finally here in Winchendon, Massachusetts. So far it has been so great. At Winch, the approach to the community is something like no other. With a small community of about 250 students and 50 faculty, I am so glad to say I have become very close with so many of them already. Meeting people from all around the world, and being able to come together in one place to grow, learn and work together, is so unique. This factor also gives students a new take on learning in and out of the classroom. In class, you’re not just answering questions and reading to yourself. You are in a thorough, full-scale discussion with your teachers and your classmates , constantly thinking and making connections to the real world. You can feel the liveliness, and even competition, in class, to work to your full potential. Every day, I find new ways to become better, with the support of everyone here.

The Winchendon community is not only competitive in class, let me tell you that. When the academic day is over, you see the same intensity put into another passion of ours; sports. The sports and activites here are just as important to all of us. Whether you’re looking to try something new, or to continue to excel in a sport you love, there is a perfect fit for you here. 

We are finally approaching my favorite season, and I could not be more thrilled. Practices for varsity hockey start in only a couple days. Fall hockey is nearing its end, but honestly, I can’t wait to get out on the ice with my new friends and teammates here at Winch. The five in the morning practices will be…unfavorable.. at first, but after all this waiting, I don’t think anyone will mind. It’s finally time for the most anticipated season of the year… hockey season!

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