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  2. The Backbone of the Boston University Terriers

The Backbone of the Boston University Terriers


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(From left to right, Joe Cappuccio, John Sokolski, Dave Souza) 

Phenomenal. That’s the world I believe best describes the experience I have had playing ice hockey at Boston University for the past three years. It takes an almost perfect combination of a knowledgable and understanding coaching staff with a hard working and loving team of girls to make a college experience as phenomenal as it has been thus far. However, even with these two huge components falling into place here at BU, the backbone of our whole operation often operates quickly and quietly in the shadows. BUWIH’s backbone is headed by John Sokolski, who has been with BU since 2001.

I think moving up from Jr. hockey to College hockey you realize that there is a huge difference in your relationship with your equipment. There is no more rushing to a pro-shop before a game to get your skates done (hopefully the way you like them, cause you honestly don’t know who is doing them that day) there is no begging mom and dad for the latest stick or helmet because you know the saying, “look good, feel good, play good,” is completely true. Well, thanks to John the BUWIH team is not only taken care of day in and day out, we also get spoiled by him with apparel and a habitually flawless game day locker room set up. The combination of John’s eye for detail and his true love of women’s hockey make him an ideal fit for the Boston University’s women’s ice hockey team. Making up another huge part of our equipment manager team is Joe Cappuccio, who joined Shannon Steonburgh, Sarah Bayersdorfer, Marie-Philip Poulin, Caroline Campbell and myself in an amazing senior day this past Saturday.

Joe has been with the team for four years and somehow manages to stay sane while juggling the intense workload of a premed undergrad and working with our team everyday. Joe is often the one our team goes to immediately, or at least I do, because I know he always listens to what weird comment or stress I may have that day with a piece of my equipment and never fails to calm me down. If Joe thinks I don’t need my skates done then I trust I don’t need them done and John can be spared from my annoying tendencies. With Joe being a senior this year we now have the search on for a new equipment manager to help John helm the ship through more busy seasons. Fortunately, I think the team is in great hands with Dave Souza-whom is currently learning the ropes under the guidance of John and Joe this year. Even though Dave is a new face that I see when I peek into the equipment room of Walter Brown, he compliments the two veteran guys he works alongside of. Despite John and Joe knowing the ins and outs of the trade like the back of their hand (not to mention each of my teammates personalities) Dave is quick to learn and his easy going personality allows him to take the jokes that come with the territory with a smile on his face.

I don’t know what I am going to do without these three amazing and incredibly hard working guys next year when I graduate, but I do know that they will continue to help, encourage and support everyone that is fortunate enough to know them. And even if the articles, post game reports or interviews aren’t focused on John, Joe and Dave, our team knows none of it would be possible without them keeping us on the ice day in and day out.  

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