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Teammates Win Gold for Canada in Turkey!

It is quite hard to believe that the regular season is just two games away from being finished !!!  We will be wrapping-up our regular season on the road this weekend, as we play both Western and Windsor. These are both very important momentum building games, as the following weekend brings about a single elimination quarter-final playoff game. As a team we have promised to treat these last games like they are playoff games…We have even brought the “sweat jar” back into the dressing room. This jar is given out at the end of each game to a player that has showed hard work, determination, and success throughout that game.

Back in the line-up are Jessica and Jackie, who brought home the gold medal from turkey. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! YOU GO GIRLS!  It was great seeing their bright and smiling faces in the dressing room after our Sunday game vs. Queens. Both of their stalls were equipped with their favourite goodies (Jessica-crossword book, and Jackie-energy drinks), to welcome them back.  They shared stories and memories about their wonderful experience in Turkey, but are both eager to get back onto the ice with the gryphons, and help lead us to a gold, an OUA gold.

As one of the many graduating players this year… it becomes more and more apparent how quick time goes by when you are having fun and spending quality time with some of the most wonderful people around!!!! Everyday us graduating players come one day closer to finishing our Gryphon hockey days, and moving on with the rest of our lives, wherever that may take each of us… I just hope as a team we continue to win, and leave everything on the ice to ensure that our Gryphon days last as long as possible


-Dayna Kanis


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