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Team Canada Rookies Get Pranked During Interview with TSN!

Wednesday April 20, 2011

The preliminary round of the tournament is now over and we now have 3 days off from games until the semi final on the 23rd.  Our game against Kazakhstan finished in a 7-0 win for us.  They played very well and their goalie played amazing.  Their program has definitely come a long way.  My opinion may be a little bias, as I happened to get undressed (walked around) by one of their players in a one-on-one.  But they were definitely a good team and showed well for their country.


Yesterday we faced off against Finland and it was a close game.  We beat them 2-0 with an empty net goal.  It wasn’t necessarily the outcome we would have hoped for, but we played a pretty good game and it was good to get a feel for what a close game is going to be like.  After the game yesterday the three youngest rookies (Spooner, Slusar and myself) were notified that TSN wanted to do an interview of us.  So we prepared ourselves and made our way to where the camera was. As Spooner was in the midst of answering the first question, all three of us got "whip creamed" in the face!  I had no clue it was coming, even though I should of suspected something was up since all rookies were involved.  It was a good laugh until the smell of the whip cream turned sour and I had to take a long shower to get it all out.


Today we had the day off and we took the train into Zurich, Switzerland.  The weather is beautiful and Zurich is such a beautiful city.  I quickly spent all of my money shopping and before we knew it we were exhausted and decided to make our way back.


The semi finals aren’t until the 23rd so we have a few days of practice coming up.  It will be good to get a bit of rest and prepare for the next set of games as the tournament is coming to a close.

– Tara Watchorn


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