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Team Building Finds St. Norbert College at the Curling Rinks!

Heading back to school was pretty tough for me this year, I think mostly because the summer went by so fast and I wanted some more time at home with my family.  But getting back with my teammates has helped immensely and now that I’m back into the swing of things it has been going pretty well.  We have all been keeping busy with three captain’s practices and three off ice workouts every week, on top of loads of homework of course.        

Last year, being the inaugural season with a team full of freshmen, all the hype surrounding our team was about “making history”.  I think we did an incredible job of getting things figured out and establishing a very strong program, and even making a run in the playoffs, but we didn’t quite accomplish everything we had hoped for.  We had a really strong team, on and off the ice, and we came so far together, which is why it was really tough losing some players at the end of last season.  We still keep in touch with all of them, and they will always be a part of our team.  Then this year, we got the addition of seven new freshmen, one each from Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Indiana, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Sweden, and Great Britain.  This has further expanded the range of where the players on our team come from, making it six different countries, spanning all across North America and Europe.  

This change would inevitably be a challenge for our team, but I think we are all meshing well and they are a good fit for what we already had established. We have been doing a lot of team building to speed up the process of coming together as one unit and the most fun thing we have done so far was going curling a few weeks ago. I have tried to watch it on TV a couple times during the Olympics, but I honestly didn’t really get it.  Other than wiping out after the first couple steps I took onto the ice, going to the Green Bay Curling Club and learning the rules and actually trying it out was really interesting and a lot of fun.  It helped us get to know the freshmen better and definitely get a little closer as a team. 

So with the new addition of the freshmen and the returning core group of sophomores, we undoubtedly have even greater potential for the upcoming season, and I think we will use it as another chance to make history.


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