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Tash Farrier to Co-Coach with Brisbanne Goannas

The 2012/13 AWIHL season is only four months away and after a very successful 2011/12 season there is a lot to be excited about.

The formerly named Adelaide Assassins played their first season under the Adrenaline banner, after aligning themselves with their male counterparts and with this recording the club’s sixth title. The Sydney Sirens also aligned themselves with Newcastle North Stars and like the Melbourne Ice did just the season before gives these teams a much greater advantage going forward.

The AWIHL enjoyed greater media coverage and crowd participation increased extensively throughout the season.The highlight being the first ever capacity crowd to an AWIHL final, seeing Adelaide Adrenaline and Melbourne Ice put on one of the best finals seen at the IceArenA in Adelaide. This capped off a remarkable finals series which hopefully is just the start for our women in hockey.

But it doesn’t stop there as all games out of Adelaide will now be live streamed, taking the women’s game to the next level. This is a great addition to articles that have already been seen on a North American site, Live The Dream! – Women’s Hockey Life.

But it’s Adrenaline’s electrifying forward Tash Farrier, who has dropped the biggest bombshell with news that is certain to push the women’s game further in the right direction. In particular the Brisbane Goannas who, were possibly in danger of having to dissolve and now can start looking toward a brighter future.

For this coming 2012/13 AWIHL season, Tash Farrier has signed to co-coach with Tamra Jones at the Brisbane Goannas. At 22 years young Tash has achieved so much in her 12 years playing the game she loves. But with the passion for playing dwindling, it was a chance conversation with long time mentor Tamra Jones that helped sparked Tash’s decision to take on such a role.

Tash racked up a total of 32 points (second overall) in Adrenaline’s championship season, she has played in Finland and Canada also representing her country on numerous occasions. More recently in March where our women’s national team took bronze in Slovenia.

“I’m thinking more of my future in relation to my avenue of study, I’m at a point in my hockey career where at this time, I am lacking the motivation, desire and the passion to be that elite player” Tash stated.

Tash further added, “Instead of giving 12 years of hockey away, I would love to give back all the experiences I have had and all the knowledge I have gained. I want to put it all somewhere it is useful and experience and learn a different perspective of hockey".

For Tash this is an easy decision as it coincides with her career choice and studies in Education and Health Sciences, and sees this as the right time in her hockey career to take on such a role..

The Goannas provide Tash the perfect option, “To start something like this I need a fresh environment, fresh faces and it just seems to be the best option for me fitting in so well with what’s happening with the league right now.”

 “To go to the Brisbane team and hopefully bring something positive and help strengthen their situation is the main aim for me personally.” Tash said.

For Tash this is all part of a growing experience with study, work and hockey. Tash is excited about what the future holds and is willing to take on all it has to offer. Tash also knows looking forward this opportunity may not be present itself again and needs to act now. Not just for her own personal gain but for the benefit of the game and league she has loved so much.

Tash will still be based in Adelaide for the next year to finish her University degree and travel to Brisbane when required. With much of the Goannas team already based around the country, Tash will help work on personalised training programs for each player ensuring that everyone is ready come game day. Girls coming from 12 different airports is going to be a mammoth task but one together with Tamra Jones, she will be ready for.

Tash’s long time friend and mentor Tamra Jones is ensuring that there is a transition period for Tash in such an important time.

“Tash has had a long and extensive career playing all over the world, including College hockey in Canada. So the transition has to be done right to make sure whether it is time to hang up the skates for good or not.” Tamra stated.

Tamra also added, “I think it’s important to give Tash this avenue to reinvigorate her passion and in doing so give back to the sport through another avenue.”

Having Tash will help the Goannas offensive structure, Tamra also hopes that a big name will aid in talent heading towards Brisbane and increase the publicity and support.

“We have one of the younger teams in the AWIHL and Tash’s influence on the younger players should be amazing.” Tamra said.

Tash’s now former coach and also long time mentor John Botterill, also understands and supports this important step for Tash.

“We just hope the news is well received among the players, supporters and the hockey community alike and understanding the value and all the sacrifices being made.” Tamra added.

But it’s not just the Goannas to benefit from this move, as Tash will still be based in Adelaide she may also be taking on a coaching role with the unique Ice Factor program based at the IceArenA.

Add to this the U16 Adelaide Oilers and C Grade Predators alongside Tamra. Also discussions taking place about the possibility of an U18 Women’s Australian team being developed, this could be yet another real opportunity for Tash to be involved at the National level.

With the Goannas from officials to players being spread far and wide, it is filled with a lot of passionate people to make it work. Tash’s competitiveness, leadership and experience will help give the Goannas the winning edge they require.

The Goannas will look to use Tash’s vast experience to sure up their offensive structure. With this they look forward to more success which will bring publicity, increasing financial support in the term of team sponsorship.

But will we see Tash in any sort of playing role as apart of her new coaching role?

“I’m not sure about that yet. Coaching is a new journey for me and I’m excited about that particular aspect. I’m just going to take it as it comes and see where this road leads me.” Tash stated.

Championships won in the last two seasons have come from change, while this change is unlike what Adelaide and Melbourne have recently achieved it is still a mouth watering thought that the Goannas could possibly rise to the top.

There is certainly exciting times ahead for women’s hockey and the Brisbane Goannas. We look forward to what’s in store for Tash in the years to come and wish her all the success in her new venture.


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