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Suzanne Ostrow Travels the World While Hockey is on Hold

Still undefeated. We’ve won 17-0 and 15-1. Now we have a break from hockey until after the New Year. We face our hardest opponent next. It will be nice to have a challenging game because so far they haven’t been that difficult.

You’d be surprised by how many people asked me how my Thanksgiving in Sweden went. I thought it was a pretty AMERICAN holiday considering it was based from the story of Pilgrims and Indians. I guess it’s not that obvious. Even though it is not a holiday here, it didn’t mean that it couldn’t be celebrated. Give Sweden Americans and you’ll get Thanksgiving in Sweden for sure. Mainly because we NEED it and will do whatever it takes to have it (order a turkey from the grocery store a week in advance because turkeys aren’t normally sold). I had two thanksgivings. One at my apartment that was put on by my American roommate and her American friend. We had 14 people so a lot of food was made. It was a good time. The other Thanksgiving I held myself with 4 other teammates. 2 Latvians, another American, and a Swede from Gotland. The 4.3 kg turkey was $45, it took us a half hour in the spice section to figure out what Swedish spices were what in English, and there was no such thing as chicken stock. But the holiday turned out a success. They loved the food. It was my first time cooking the meal by myself so I was very proud of myself.

I threw an American theme party for my team and it was awesome. My team loved it. I cooked Kraft mac n cheese and American pancakes for them. I had red vines and mike n ikes also. I gave them a spoonful of Skippy creamy peanut butter because the Skippy creamy peanut butter is neither creamy nor as tasty. Everyone did a great job dressing up. Basketball players, a gangster, a prom queen, Minny Mouse, The Blues Brothers, the Statue of Liberty, a cowgirl, Miss Alabama, Marilyn Monroe, and Snookie. I was a lax bro. No one knew what I was so I had to explain it and I show "the ultimate lax bro" video on youtube. They loved the drinking games. It was a successful party.

It has finally snowed here. December 6th. I thought it was going to happen a lot sooner. It was just a little dusting but I’m still happy about it. I really want a white Christmas.

I have been traveling the world since hockey has stopped. I went to Gotland and Latvia to visit teammates. Gotland is an island in the Baltic Sea. It is such a quaint island. The biggest city, Visby, is the equivalent of a small town in America. The biggest road on the island is two lanes. It is not a big island at all. And it is very flat. It is known for sheeps. I did see a lot. Latvia was awesome too. Riga is a really cool capital city. I feel like Stockholm is different from the rest of European cities. It is so clean and new looking. Riga was dirty and old but so awesome. Very busy. It reminded me of a less crazy NYC with shorter buildings and a bigger area. So I guess it is not that similar to NYC but I kind of felt like I was in NYC. Not sure why. 

Only 4 days until I embark on my Eurotrip with my friends from America.  I am pumped. We have everything planned and it should be so fun. Almost three weeks of traveling. Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, and London. Bring it on Europe!


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