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  2. Summer Flies By for Thompson of the Ravens

Summer Flies By for Thompson of the Ravens


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Sorry for being absent the past couple of months! Summer, training, work, and seeing my family and friends kind of took over my life, but I’m back here to give you guys an update.

Basically the second I got home my busy summer began, there was really no time for a breather. I began my summer job as a landscaper, where I mow lawns, plant, lay out soil, and weed… a lot. Although I came home covered from head to toe in dirt, I still had to train to get back in shape, the exam time kind of killed me, for hockey. Training for a Varsity sport, as many of you know is extremely tedious, draining, but invigorating all at the same time. For the past two summers, I have been boxing to get into shape, which let me tell you, really works. I was introduced to it by Alex Yallouz, who used to be a writer for this site and also was a fellow Raven, and ever since I have been hooked. Boxing class trains you in all different sections of fitness, from muscle building to endurance. Unfortunately, boxing does not focus on weight lifting, one of the key parts of our team work out plan, so a pre work out to boxing usually involved squats, deadlifts, power cleans, etc. 

Although, working and training does take up majority of my time, I managed to take a few trips over the summer. I got the opportunity to go to San Diego with some friends, where we drove down to Disneyland and got to experience the magic even in our 20s. As always I have an embarrassing moment to share with you guys and this article is no exception. Disneyland houses the most terrifying ride known to man, the ferris wheel. Though, this ferris wheel is different than the usual calm ride that slowly allows the riders to view the landscape while going in a somewhat stationary circle. This ferris wheel, when it gets to a certain height, swings the riders and makes it feel as though they are about to fly off the hinges. I have to admit, I may have been so scared I started crying… I feel like this may be my most embarrassing moment thus far. 

Other than Disneyland and San Diego, I got to take a few weekend trips with my family to my favourite place on earth: Nicola Lake in Merritt. Our cabin, or some would say our fifth wheel, is there and we get to kayak, canoe, hike, play music, and swim all day every day, it is truly a luxurious getaway. The temperature got to 42 in the heat of the summer though, being from Vancouver, that’s a little unbearable. 

Another random, but exciting thing that happened this summer was when I got asked to be an intern at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, which is my dream job. I got to replace my landscaping clothes for business casual outfits, which was weird, but it was amazing experience with lots of writing. It only lasted 9 days since I had to go back to Carleton for try outs. 

This summer flew by in the blink of an eye but it was truly one of the best summers yet. Stay posted for my blog post next month when I will be in the heat of the tryouts! 

Thanks guys! 


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