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Sugar And Spice When We Get Off The Ice – Post Game Snacks Don’t Always End At Mite Hockey

If you ever participated in sports as a child there is a good chance you also experienced the after game snacks. Now, if you were lucky enough to have a team supported by great parents that would share the duty then you have most likely also had to face the bittersweet taste of growing up…the snacks stopped. Well the Quinnipiac Women’s Ice Hockey Team has been blessed with an amazing group of parents, we may not get treats after every game but there is one mom and dad that feed all of our sweet teeth on every road trip.

Bethany Dymarczyk, a senior assistant captain from Hamden, Connecticut, a teammate, and classmate of mine, didn’t travel far to play college hockey but that doesn’t mean her dedication is any less than players who travel from other countries. Along with her dedication you also get the steadfast support of her family. Since our freshmen year her parents, Joe and Marsha have not only attended every home game but also every away game. Some of our away opponents include the Wisconsin Badgers in Madison, Wisconsin, Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan, Mercyhurst in Pennsylvania, and of course all of our ECAC opponents skewed across the northeast.

The sweets range from popcorn balls, cookies, to four different choices of brownies. It never fails, they are always in the stands and there to greet us all when we get off the ice, and the goods they bring always get passed around the bus. 

Our team is incredibly fortunate not only for the Dymarczyks but for all the support we get from our Bobcat parents and fans. The support we get may not be as sweet as the cookies we got on our last trip back from UConn or the brownies we got on the way home from Clarskon/St. Lawrence, but with every stride we take their support for us grows stronger. So for that, we say thank you, to every mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and friends, who have been there with us throughout all of our hockey careers, we couldn’t do it without you!



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