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Successful Season to Date for RMU

RMU Women’s Ice Hockey is well on its way. We have had a very successful season so far. Our team in very involved in many actives on and off the ice. We have a lot of fun! We swept our first conference team Penn State and head to Syracuse this coming weekend! So excited! 

The freshman were required to sing karaoke in front of the entire team on the bus ride home a few weeks ago. You can’t even imagine how funny it was! I think we leaned that we need to work on our singing voices 🙂 Last week before we all went our separate direction for a few days for Thanksgiving break we had a mini tournament with each other – blue vs. red. Blue ended up winning (it is still a hard thing to talk about… I was on Red).  Anyways Coach Harper received MVP for her hard work and skill! 

The RMU women’s hockey continues to work hard and can’t wait to play this weekend. Although the thanksgiving break was helpful and needed it is so good to be back! 


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