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Stingers Visit Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo

Hello from Tokyo, 

We are nearing the end of our voyage and finally got the chance to see a small part of Tokyo. We were lucky enough that a few girls from the SEIBU Princess Rabbits volunteered the better part of their day to show us around Tokyo. What a treat to be shown around a city by a local. Granted we barely made a dent in seeing the city, we truly had a great day. We split up into smaller groups, one group went to see the Senso-ji temple and went to a local market. Another group went to the same temple and continued on to Tokyo tower and the third group went to the Harajuku. I was in the group that went to the temple and came back to the hotel. The amount of people visiting the temple was insane. We literally were stuck and had to follow the flow of people. 

The temple is a Buddhist temple and we were taught how to perform the ritual. You toss your coin above everyone’s head into a container, bow twice, clap twice, say a wish/prayer and then bow again. It was really fun to participate in. We then went to a market to buy some souvenirs. For my family that’s reading, I got nice presents! We then went to a food market and our self imposed requirement for buying food was that had it unorthodox. 

Instead of going to Tokyo Tower, 6 of us decided to navigate the Tokyo train and subway system by ourselves and get back to the hotel to eat a pre-game meal and relax. It was successful! We did not get lost once and made it home relatively quickly because we got on rapid express trains! 

The game tonight against the Princess Rabbit ended in a 3-1 (ENG) win for the Princess Rabbits. Despite the loss, the game was a vast improvement on our play so far on this trip. We had a lot more jump, competitive spirit and energy throughout 60 minutes. One of the major obstacles we have faced on the ice is the language barrier with the officiating. There are a few rule changes because this is International Exhibition and it’s tough to learn these rules when we have trouble communicating with the officials. Despite this, officiating is no excuse, it’s simply an obstacle that we cannot control which we must overcome. If we can build on the improvements made today in the final game tomorrow, we will go home feeling good going into the second half of the season. 

Time for a late and quick dinner and then bed. Tomorrow is our last full day here so we need our rest to enjoy a full day and make the most of it and obviously pull out a W tomorrow night!

With Stinger Pride,



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