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  2. Stingers Fall to McGill in First Round of Playoffs; Honour Graduating Seniors

Stingers Fall to McGill in First Round of Playoffs; Honour Graduating Seniors


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Hi everyone, 

It has been a really long time since I have written a blog, due to a very busy second semester, both on the ice and in the classroom.  So much has happened since 2014 began, I’m not quite sure where to start. We hosted our annual Theresa Humes Tournament, which was a great opportunity to play some out-of-conference teams and see where we measure up against the rest of the CIS. We then began the quest to clinch a playoff spot, which we did, with one weekend to go in the season. Then came one of the toughest nights of my career, Senior’s Night. Despite having one year left of eligibility, I have decided that I will be graduating from Concordia in June and hopefully be entering either medical school or graduate school in the fall of 2014. This has been a really tough decision, but it was one that was made based on academics and my future. For Senior’s Night, my parents brought my family in, both from Montreal and Toronto, to help celebrate four amazing years. It was such a thrill to have them all there supporting me and made me realize how privileged I am to have such amazing family and friends. Senior’s Day was about the four graduating players, no doubt, but it was more about our amazing families who have helped us get to where we are today. To top off an amazing day, we were treated to a Zamboni ride while we were taking pictures post-game, which is something I will remember for the rest of my life. 

After Senior’s Day, it was time to get ready for our first round playoff matchup against our biggest rivals, McGill. We played game #1 at McGill and it was probably the best game I have been a part of in four years. It was great back and forth hockey, with crisp passes and strong play at both ends of the ice. I scored a really nice powerplay goal, which will end up being my last goal as a Stinger, and it was a nice way to go out. We lost the lead with 7 minutes left in the game and were not able to recover. So we headed into game #2 at home, with our backs against the wall and the end of some careers on the line. Unfortunately, the game did not go as planned, despite a close first period and we lost by a large margin. This meant the end of my Stingers career and I cannot describe how gut wrenching it felt like. The emotions are still raw, but I’m confident with my decision and I wouldn’t trade the past four years for anything in the world.  Once again, I was lucky to be surrounded by my family after the game and I know they will be there for me as I move forward. 

I just want to say thank you to my teammates who have become my sisters over the past four years. I have met so many amazing friends that went from strangers to lifelong friends. Also,  thank you to my coaches who always believed in me and helped me achieve my goals. 

With Stingr Pride, 


PS: Check out my “Two Minutes With A Stinger” Video  

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