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Starting the New Year with An Exhibition Win

Hello and Happy 2013 to my blog followers! 

First off, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and that your New Year is off to a great start! 

In my last blog, I mentioned how our team was going to be doing our December Cup Challenge. I was very excited and anxious because I have never won it before and it turns out after the competition ended, that I am still basically the only person on my team that has never won it. It ended in a 3 way tie, so our coaches chose who won based on certain criteria, and it wasn’t my team. I will be having a chat with them when our head coach gets back from vacation (kidding). I’m done pouting! 

Moving on now, my Christmas Break was absolutely amazing! I got to spend almost three weeks at home in Elkhorn, Manitoba with my wonderful friends and family! I spent time watching my younger twin brothers play hockey, hanging out with my friends, and I can’t forget to mention the numerous amounts of time my brothers, sister, parents and I spent playing Krokano (I don’t know how to spell it, but I hope you know what I am talking about). We got into some heated matches and the only game I ended up winning was against my little 12 year old cousin on Christmas Day. I’m actually not even that bad, just didn’t have the greatest luck! I also spent time on the ice in our hometown. It’s awesome to go back and be on the ice where I played growing up. It was freezing cold, but it was still a great time being on the ice with all of my siblings! 

Now, with the NAIT Ooks, we have started the 2013 season off on the right note! We just played an exhibition game today and came out with a 4-3 win over a junior team here in Edmonton! Our team got back on the ice on the 2nd of January after having three weeks off, and over a month since our last league game. So it’s been a while! We’ve never had this much time off at Christmas, but it was so nice to be able to spend more time with our families, however, it was also nice to get back on the ice too. We were a little winded when we had our first practice after being back, but everything is starting to get back to normal! We play again tomorrow against the U of A Panda’s Alumni so it will be another good game! Our league play starts next weekend and we are up against the Grant MacEwan Griffins, who are one of our biggest rivals! It will be fun, interesting, and very intense!  

I think I filled you in on everything that has happened since the start of December, and I am looking forward to letting you know about how are month of January goes! I best be going now since my Alberta family and I (the Brouwers) are about to watch a movie! I told my teammate Lindsey Brouwer I would name drop her, so here is a shout out to her!

All the best!

Sherri Bowles #15, NAIT Ooks Women’s Hockey


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