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Stanstead College Spartans Invade LA

It’s spring break right now at Stanstead, which means the end of the hockey season. The Senior girls and boys hockey teams alternate years for taking a team trip during this two and a half week break, and 2012 was the girls’ turn. Two years ago the team went to Europe, hitting countries like France, Switzerland and Finland. This time we stayed a bit closer to home, and went to California! 

The trip included ten days in Los Angeles, with hockey games on five of those days. All our games were either very early in the morning (think 7:30, so wake-up call at 5…) or late at night, which gave us the whole day to do stuff. We spent many days shopping at a nearby outlet mall, and other malls in the area. We put aside a whole day to visit Hollywood, but that was shortened by an unexpected problem: one of our two vans broke down! We spent nearly 3 hours on the side of the road before finally getting to Hollywood Boulevard. It was worth the wait, as we saw the walk of stars, the Hollywood sign and even took team pictures with Captain Jack Sparrow and other movie characters. Sadly no stars made appearances that day, but we still had fun. 

Another fun day trip was the amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm. While not everyone was equally excited about the big roller coasters- two girls cried in line for their first one, they were so scared- by the end of the day most of the team had their arms in the air as we did loop-d-loops. We had a dress-up dinner to celebrate the two birthdays we had over the trip, and spent days at Huntington and Venice beaches.

Obviously I can’t forget the hockey, which was the real reason for our trip. We played 5 games against three teams from the Anaheim Lady Ducks club, and I am proud to say we went undefeated, though one game went into a shootout. This, combined with our victory at the NAHA Invitational early in the month, we ended the season 9-0. It was a great season, which ended with a spectacular trip. Over the course of the season our team became our family, and there’s nothing like spending 10 days in the sun with your sisters. I will miss hockey, and I already can’t wait for next season to start in the fall. 


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