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  2. St. Norbert Takes on Eau Claire in First Conference Game

St. Norbert Takes on Eau Claire in First Conference Game


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Today is a perfect day to submit a blog entry! 11/11/11!! Our first conference game is today at home against Eau Claire. We have already played 3 games, won 1 lost 2, and I think we just had to get the bad games out of our system and now we are ready to win again! Our team has been working really hard all pre-season, as we had our captains’ boot camp, coaches’ boot camp and a great bonding time when we went camping as a team. Our first game was good; we started out following our tradition, which is first line has a player from each country: Finland, Sweden, United States, Canada and United Kingdom. We had a great amount of energy on the ice, and we had a big crowd at our lovely home rink which was nice. 

Then the weekend after that, we headed to Minnesota to play St. Mary’s and Gustavus. I think we were a little nervous, because Friday’s game we totally had it for the first two periods but then we lost focus, which lead to loss of the game. Saturday’s game was higher tempo, but I think we weren’t prepared enough mentally, but I know we have a great team this year. This upcoming weekend is going to be huge, but we get to play at home and I am sure we have learned our lesson. 

School-wise life is going all right, but this semester is going by fast! I only have three courses this semester but I still feel like it is a lot of work to do. I’ve heard that sophomore year is supposed to be harder than your freshman year but I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad! In a little bit more than a week, we’ll get to go on a Thanksgiving break, which will be a nice break before we go home for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we got snow yesterday!! It is time to start listening to Christmas music, even though the Americans say we aren’t supposed to start it until after Thanksgiving, but we do it anyways! Only 34 more days till I get to go home for Christmas which is exciting!!! Lots of parents are coming up this weekend, which makes me a little sad because mine aren’t, but hopefully they will be here some day! 

Well I think this is all for this month, but please keep following our team as we make history! Next month around this time I’ll be going home! Enjoy the snow!!

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