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Special Tin Foil Birthday Surprise for Colby Player

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! I still can’t believe this is the year that I graduate from college. It’s always seemed so far away..
I am back into the swing of things after a great (but short) vacation. Our last game before the break was on December 11th, and I was finally done with finals on the 20th. I had to drive back up to Colby on the 28th for an early practice the next day. Although it was short, I was excited to return to Colby. I’ve always loved the first few days back from break since the winter athletes are the only students on campus. It is a good time for us to hang out and get some quality team time. No exams, homework, or jobs to worry about. Just hockey.

This year we only had a couple of days on campus before we had to leave for the St. Michaels tournament in Burlington, VT. We had games on New Years Eve and New Years Day. After the 6 hour bus ride, we arrived at our hotel the night before our first game. Most people used this time to hangout and watch movies for a few hours. A couple of the girls took the time to ‘foil’ one of our teammates rooms for her birthday (see picture). But I was so exhausted I headed to bed and got a solid 10 hours of sleep.

Our game was not until 4:00 the next day so again, we had some more time to kill. People ate breakfast and hung out in the lobby until it was time to eat yet again. We finally left the hotel to go play our first game in 3 weeks.
This first weekend back was huge for us because we ended on somewhat of a bad note, leaving for break with a 2-6 record. We had a good first game against St. Michaels, beating them 4-3. That night a few teammates and I celebrated the New Year in the hotel lobby and watched the ball drop. The next day we had an even better outing against St. Catherines, shutting them out 3-0. Everything finally seemed to be clicking. We put a couple good games together and the team chemistry was getting stronger by the day, both on and off the ice.

On our last night at the hotel, we had our annual Secret Santa exchange. Everyone was assigned someone during vacation that they had to buy a small gift for. Naturally, they tend to be hilarious joke gifts and this year was no exception; there were some gems. I laughed so hard that my stomach literally hurt afterwards. It was a perfect way to end a great weekend for our team.

To top it off, the weekend sweep meant something else to our team: Karaoke. It is team tradition to have the freshmen sing a song of their choice on the bus ride home after a sweep. After all of them perform, the upper classmen get to vote their favorites by the click off the light above their seat. The performers with the most lights get to move on to the championship round and from there, a winner is decided. This year we had some of the most entertaining performances I’ve seen in my 4 years here at Colby. I was so inspired that I even got up there and sang a little tune myself, along with the team athletic trainer.

Things are looking up for our team right now. Everything seems to be falling into place and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish from here on out.



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