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Shell Heads Home for the Holidays; Gets Ready for Trip to Japan

Hey everyone, 

I hope everyone has survived/is surviving their exam period. I can’t believe the Fall 2011 semester is already done. It went by so quickly. Thankfully, I finished exams last Friday, so I’ve had all weekend to catch up on some much needed sleep and spend time with my non-hockey friends who are often neglected during the hockey season. This past Saturday, I also had a class dinner, which was a great evening. Because I study in such a small faculty, most students are very close and our professors take the time to get to know us, since Exercise Science is a “hands on” field of study. Saturday, our professor and 24 of us went out for a Spanish dinner. The food was authentic and delicious and we were treated to a performance by a local singer, who was amazing! 

While I spent a decent portion of the past weekend catching up on sleep and seeing my old friends from high school, this upcoming week promises to be a very hectic and busy one. Firstly, Hannukah starts on the 20th, which is always exciting because it’s one of my favorite holidays, and not just for the presents. I love the symbolism of the holiday and how we celebrate the triumph of underdogs over a powerful army, something that is often emphasized in hockey. Other than celebrating, I have to start getting ready for the Concordia Stingers Japan Tour. We are leaving on the 26th to play 6 games in Japan, returning on January 5th. We will face the Japanese National Hockey Team 3 times, in the city of Sapporo. We then travel to Tokyo to play the SEIBU Princess Rabbits 3 times as well. We also have a lot of practice time in between and before games so this trip will be a great catalyst for a strong second half of the season. Right now were in tight in our RSEQ standings, but we are looking forward to battling hard through January and February with the ultimate goal of playing in Edmonton in March. 

Since I’ve only been on vacation for a few days, it still hasn’t hit me yet that I’m going to be traveling halfway across the world to play hockey in less than a week. My plan is to go to the mall first thing in the morning to get everything I need since it’s been madness at the local mall because of Christmas. Once I have everything I will probably wait to pack at the last minute as usual. I hate packing! I’m the worst packer ever and we’re really tight on space due to our equipment, which is scaring me. Thankfully, I have those bags, which compress when you roll out the air so that your stuff doesn’t take up as much room. These will be my saviors. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, this weekend will be dedicated to spending time with my family. We have a Christmas tradition of going to see a movie and eating Chinese food because these are some of the only places that are open on these busy holiday days. 

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a happy, safe and healthy New Year! I will be continuing to blog on a daily basis from Japan and look forward to sharing our travel tales with you. 

With Stinger Pride, 



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