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Shell Accepted Into Honours Program; Visits England in Same Week!

Hello all, 

So much has happened since I last posted a blog. Exams have come and gone, final marks have been submitted, summer classes have begun and summer training is progressing along nicely. I can say that I did well on my exams and was accepted into the Honours Exercise Science program at school. This added title of Honours will allow me to gain extra research experience and credits, as well as become more familiar with the current literature in the field of Exercise Science. This is a very exciting reward for a year of hard school work. I received the e-mail from our program advisor, only a few hours before my departure to London, England. 

Before I talk about my recent trip, let me tell you about Stinger life in the past few weeks. Running training has begun three times a week at school. On Mondays we do “super legs” workout and Wednesday and Thursday we do agility and sprinting work. The trainings are tough work, but with athletes from my team and other Stinger teams, we have others to lean on for support and motivation.  While the workouts themselves are gruelling, afterwards you feel so amazing for having accomplished the workout. 

Last Thursday, my dad and I left for London, England. He was going for work and I was invited along. It was my first time in England; the only two previous countries that I had visited in Europe were Poland and Israel. After connecting in Toronto, we were off for a 6+ hour flight to London. I kept busy by watching season 2 of Big Bang Theory in its entirety. We landed in London at 9 p.m. on Thursday, got a bite to eat and got to sleep so that Friday my dad would be rested up to work and I would be rested for shopping.  Friday was spent wandering Oxford and Regent Streets for shopping and then I went to King’s Cross Station to visit Platform 9 ¾ from Harry Potter. After I met up with my dad, we went out for dinner and to walk around and see more places and we ended up at the Abbey Road Crossing. Since seeing Paul McCartney last August in concert, I have been in love with the Beatles and their work. Going to Abbey Road was an amazing experience. Paul is my favourite Beatle, I had to cross the street once barefoot as he did on the Abbey Road album cover.  Saturday, we did a bit more shopping and touring. We were very lucky with the weather as it only rained 5 minutes total on our five day trip. I took a bus tour around London and was able to sit on the top, exposed part of the double-decker bus. I got so many pictures of the sites I had been waiting so long to see. My favourite part actually came after the tour when my dad and I walked from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. At night, we went to Chinatown for dinner and to walk around. 

Sunday was spent going to museums and continuing to walk around and see the city. We decided to go to the Churchill War Bunkers, a museum that is held in the actual bunkers where Winston Churchill and his men made the major decisions surrounding World War II. At night, we went to the London Icebar, a bar made from the same ice as the Icehotel in Sweden. This was a very cool experience. They give you a warm parka and gloves and your cup is made of ice as well. 

On Monday, we toured two historical places. We went to Westminster Abbey and the Greenwich Meridian Line, which divides the world into East and West and is the line from which the time zones are established.  

Finally on Tuesday, we had to come home. After spending 10 hours on the plane because of various delays and wind issues, I was back in Montreal. All and all, the trip was an amazing experience and was able to see so many new sites and learn about a new culture. 

That’s a quick summary of my recent trip to London and what’s being going in Montreal lately.  Other than running training, we also play 3 on 3 against the same teams from our league (minus Ottawa teams) on a weekly basis. The 3 on 3 league consists of Concordia, McGill, Universite de Montreal, and the Montreal Stars.  While it’s fun to play the same teams we usually play, and often their new recruits, in a different setting, playing the Montreal Stars is often an intimidating experience because of the Olympians on their team. But it always proves to be a tremendous learning experience for me!

That’s all for now folks. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation and working hard in the off season for the upcoming hockey season. 

With Stinger Pride, 



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