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  2. September in a Nutshell for the Ravens

September in a Nutshell for the Ravens


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Hello again!

Since the last time I posted, things have really begun to get started. I heard a while ago that third-year was one of the most difficult and I am really starting to believe that to be true. I have had at least two assignments due each week, all of which require me to organize an interview, go out and use the proper recording equipment and microphone to conduct, transcribe the interview (a fancy way to say write down exactly what was said by the interview subject), edit the sound clip, then finally write the story. The process, maybe this is just for me, takes at least four hours in total. 

On a more hockey-based note, the team has really been coming together. Through out September, we trained endlessly and it paid off. We had two weekends in a row where we played three games in three days. The first was a road trip to Toronto. The team grew through out the weekend coming out with three losses, but knowing what to work on through out the week. The next weekend we managed to win three in a row! So it is very safe to say we are starting this season out on a good note.

This weekend it is Thanksgiving and for the first time in two years, I am actually going to have a family dinner. Going to put away my own cooking skills, skills that needless to say need a lot of work, enjoy the family environment and the much-anticipated turkey. 

I am going to end this post with a funny story about the team. This month we took team pictures. We had to take them in the morning after one of our early practices, but there wasn’t enough time to shower. As soon as our coach blew the final whistle, 27 girls rushed into the dressing room to try and get ready. Just imagine all those girls trying to plug-in their straighteners in any available outlets, try and use one of three mirrors to put on make-up, all of this while wearing most of our freshly used equipment. We had a system going where some of us would literally make a chain, one person straightening another’s hair who was doing the exact same thing to another. What a team! Hopefully more exciting stuff happens in the next month so that I have more things to tell you!

Until next time …

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