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Senior Year at Trinity College

Hi everyone,

As this is my first blog entry ever, I’ll start with a little introduction. My name is Kim Weiss and I am starting my senior year at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. I grew up in Potomac, MD where I played hockey for the Montgomery Blue Devils and later the Washington Pride. Trinity is a member of NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference), which is comprised of some of the best colleges in nation for both academics and athletics. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience so far and am extremely excited to have another year here (but do not want it to be the last!). Our team is scattered all over the country during the summer so it feels great to finally be reunited with everyone after a long summer.

Classes started last week so I’ve been trying to settle into my schedule and start the year off right. I’m a neuroscience major so I have to adjust to talking about neurotransmitters, brain hemispheres, and other “nerd” terms that don’t really come up in every day conversation during the summer. My schedule this semester is interesting in that I have all my classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Obviously this gives me ample time to do my work on Tuesdays and Thursday as long as I manage my time wisely. With new episodes of Glee and Grey’s Anatomy on those nights, I’ve got my work cut out for me! Right now my workload isn’t too bad, but exams and papers all tend to be due during the same week each month.

As Trinity is a Division 3 school, we cannot start anything official until November 1stper NESCAC rules. This is toencourage kids to play more than one sport in college and we have a few girls on the hockey team that also play soccer or field hockey in the fall. However, we organize as a team two times a week to lift so we’re not trying to play catch up once the season rolls around. We also have two open ice sessions a week, which is great because there’s no better feeling than stepping onto our ice and I don’t think I could wait until Nov. 1 after waiting all summer.

That’s all for now. Bear with me as I get used to this whole blogging experience and I hope to have another entry up soon!

Thanks for reading,



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