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Senior Year at Sacred Heart University


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I can’t believe I haven’t been able to sit down and write since preseason so here’s a quick summary of my senior year so far at SHU.

I started out the season with a bad concussion, my second of 2013.  I missed a month of school and hockey and spent most of my time in bed or at a neurologist office.  It was a little scary, as all brain injuries are, but I am thankful to have such supportive parents, teachers, coaches, and teammates who helped me get through it.  The rest of the semester was spent trying to catch up on schoolwork and getting back onto the ice. 

While I was out, my team participated in several fundraising walks, including ones for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and childhood leukemia. Even though I couldn’t participate in these events, I am very proud of my teammates for volunteering to raise money and awareness for these causes.  We got off to a decent start on the ice, too, and I finally saw some playing time before holiday break. 

After exam week, I flew home to Michigan just in time for a huge ice storm that knocked out our power for about five days.  My family stayed huddled around the fireplace and read, listened to the radio, or played cards to pass the time.  Once we cleared the driveway of frozen trees, I escaped to the gym in town to let out some energy and take a hot shower.  We cooked a full Christmas dinner at my brother’s tiny college apartment and the power was miraculously back on when we returned to our house that night.  It was a cold and unconventional holiday to say the least, but I was just glad to be home. 

My team and I returned to campus in late December and we recently finished a solid week of travel, playing four games in Vermont and Maine.  We’ve tied an incredible number of winnable games this year, which is extremely frustrating for both players and coaches.  We are trying to bring it back to the fundamentals of focus, respect, and competition to hopefully turn this into a winning season. 

School starts up again on Monday. I’m not overly excited to get back into the homework/study grind, but luckily I am taking some interesting classes my final semester. I’m sure it will fly by like the first 3.5 years did, but my goal is to live in the moment and make the best of every second, on and off the ice. 

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