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Senior Day at UMass-Boston


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It has been far too long since I have updated the hockey world with the goings on at UMass Boston!  

In the month of November, our record was 1-7-1.  You could stop reading this now, assuming that we suck and so will this blog.  Or, read on, hear our story, live our progress with us, and sit back as the Beacons sneak their way into your heart.  

In fact, that’s exactly what I did.  How is it possible to not feel defeated when your hopes are so high for a season and out of the gate you’ve won a single game of 9?  It was a tough place to be.  We took it out on each other; we made the battle so much harder for us than it actually was.  

December was a turning point.  Before Christmas break, something had to be done.  To no ones surprise, we sacrificed an entire ice time of practice to sit in the locker room with the coaches and set straight our heads.  Getting over our individualistic attitude and letting go of the things outside of our control.  We literally turned to the girl next to us and hit the reset button.  Literally and figuratively, we had to reset.  I think a weight was lifted off of everyone in the room.  The coaches understood us more, we understood each other, and we for the first time all year, were on the same page.  

In the month of December, we were undefeated.  Continuing into January, we carried on a 7 game unbeaten streak.   Until January 17th, we hadn’t lost a single game since November.  We broke our own school history by winning the Cod Fish Bowl, a tournament we host annually.  The following week, we tied St. Thomas of Minnesota, a team that has been dabbling in the top 10 on the country all season, and also defeated St. Anselm’s for the first time in school history.  Among many other nail biting games, this team has been on an absolute tear.  Coming from a defeated 1-7-1 team, today we sit hungry at 10-9-4.   

Last but certainly not least, Senior Day arrived. (I know, I haven’t written all year and now here I am talking about senior day.)  Even thought this has been my first season with these gems, they’ve really left their marks here.  Katie Loiselle and Kelly Sharlow were new faces to me.  I had met them on random visits I made here last spring, but never got to know them until this year.   Now, I borderline live at Sharlow’s house and Ketch (Katie) is a part time resident at my house.  Needless to say, we’re all one big discombobulated nomadic family. Courtney White and Sarahanne Cavolo were two players I had been on the ice with in my past.  Court and I grew up playing for the Middlesex Islanders in our glory days, aka age 12-15 or so.  She has been so fun to get to know again and seeing her parents at games is like seeing old family. Sarahanne played Shamrocks with me my senior year of high school and she has not changed a bit.   I am thankful I got to know her before college because I probably would have been extremely intimidated of her, but the kid is an absolute rock of a human.  She’s very set in her ways, runs the team how she wants it to be run, and I cant blame her because she does it well. I love all four of them and know their contributions to the world will be amazing.   

‘Til next time –

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