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Scanlon Creek Seniors Plan for Future

I suppose it’s time again, and again I can say that a lot has happened since the last entry. The week after Thanksgiving everything was pretty relaxed. After the game vs Ridley on Tuesday 9th there was nothing else on our schedule for our week, but as so often our coaches had again a surprise planed for us. It’s not always a good one for us but this time it definitely was. Coach Sam invited us to her cottage about 2 hours with the bus north of Barrie. 

This was literally the most beautiful pace I have ever seen. A huge house with a hot tub and BBQ outside right next to an awesome lake. We had a great time with the whole team and you could feel that everybody was coming a little bit closer together. A special highlight was little Henry, the 6 months old son of Sam’s sister.  We actually didn’t want to leave ever again. 

The next week we were preparing for a real challenge: A game against the DIV 3 team of Elmira College. It was a week of hard work but it paid out at the end. Even though we lost with 4:2 it was “the best game we played so far in our season” according to our coaches. We kindly had the pleasure of getting to know the whole impressive campus of Elmira College, as the coaches were showing us around. It was another new experience for us, the only really annoying thing was the bus ride of 8 hours. 

This was not the only exciting thing during the last days because we got ready for our first big tournament: The Bauer Invitational Showcase. After a few starting problems (overslept the first day because the alarm didn’t go off and made the fire alarm go off because somebody forgot to take their toast out of the toaster) the tournament actually went pretty good. We tied the first game, won the second, lost the third and also lost the last one very unlucky. All in all it was a great weekend which brought us all as a team one step forward.

It is a very exciting time for me because a lot of decisions are going to be made at this time about our futures. All we can do is work hard and see what the future brings. Your dreams don’t work out unless you do! 

My highlight of the last weeks was our team day. We went to the mall and after some shopping we had a team dinner at Eastside Mario’s. But the best thing was the Barrie Colts game we watched after and meeting the whole team! 


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