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Scanlon Creek Competes Against Canadian Universities

Here we go again! 

Christmas break is over and I’m back at Scanlon Creek with new power and a good feeling. I had to leave my team a little bit earlier to play for my national team at a Four-Nations-Tournament in Sweden. Though it was not as successful as we’d wished, it was good to see all my teammates again and catch up with them. 

Christmas break itself was awesome. It felt so good just being home in my known environment as if nothing had changed. Meeting up with my friends and family showed me how much I’ve missed them, but it also made me realize what I really want to do. Missing being together with my team and getting back to my routine pretty fast showed me that what I am doing is the right thing here and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything. 

Back in Canada – back to business. There was not really time to overcome a jetlag or to get used to the old routine again. Only one off-ice workout and one ice practice and we had to get right into it.  We had a big tournament coming up for the weekend: The Canadian Classics in Waterloo. Three 60 minutes games in three days against three top Canadian universities. Although we didn’t win we had a really good tournament and we could show not only our coaches but also ourselves that we are professional in what we are doing by getting right back to a good performance and that we can compete at a really high level. 

This weekend was really tiring, which means for me and my team for this week: lots of sleep, lots of water and only one thing on our minds, because the next tournament is coming soon; Four games in two days – Cornwall here we come 😉 


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