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Saint Mary’s University is Back on Track


After a very hectic end of season and summer, the Saint Marys Huskies are back on track.


Thanks to new 2011 head coach Christopher Larade, who is coming from a prior coaching position at STFX, he is hoping to make a positive difference at Saint Mary’s university as a new season for the lady Huskies women’s hockey team approaches. Coach’s focus is not only on coaching but teaching us life and hockey skills that we can carry along with us, on our road to success. Larade has already recruited players from Nova Scotia all the way out to BC; I think that his dedication has cheap replica watches made up for lost time that the SMU huskies could never get back.

Personally as a returning second year player for the SMU Huskies, I am looking forward to meeting the new coach, having a new beginning and starting fresh with the new recruits. Even though I am in Montréal for the summer, coach still keeps in contact with the players no matter how far or close they are. That is a huge stress reliever for christian louboutin outlet us student athletes, coming into a new season. His dedication to the team makes it easy for us players to rely on him for answers rolex replica watches and questions we have concerning the team and the upcoming season.

And as for the lady’s, we are a team of Huskies. We always have and will continue to step in to the ring and put up a good fight.  By the looks of it, at this pace we will all step out on to that cold ice surface with both our skates dug in, are heads up, sticks first and no looking back! We are only moving forward from here!

Let’s do it!

Welcome to the pack Coach Larade!


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