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Sacred Heart Holds Team BBQ

Summer is officially here! Along with very welcome warm weather over the last few weeks also came some big storms. So I’ve finally been able to sit down and take a break after helping my dad cut and tow a bunch of fallen trees off the driveway. 

I’ve been home for over a month now and summer vacation is already going by much too fast, as it always does. Before I left school, my team had its annual year-end barbecue at one of the seniors’ houses in Bridgeport. We competed in a bunch of outdoor games and were divided into four teams: Princesses, Neon, Athletics, and USA. I was part of team princesses (yes, that’s me rocking a sparkly pink tutu and tiara!) and I think we won most of the competitions. We all had loads of fun hanging out with our teammates and eating cheeseburgers and fruit salad all afternoon – it was a perfect end to the school year!

Earlier in June, I got a team together to play at the Rush Hockey Super Series Tournament in Brampton, Ontario. They have different age groups for girls from all over North America, from middle school all the way up to college. I helped organize a team that included teammates from both of my schools, St. Norbert and Sacred Heart, as well as one girl from St. Thomas. A bunch of us stayed together in a hotel and we really enjoyed spending time with each other away from school. We ended up tying and losing two games each, but I seriously had a blast and I’m hoping to go back next year.

In addition to the normal summer lift and conditioning program provided by Sacred Heart, I have also been training at Michigan State University with the SNAP (Spartan Nutrition and Performance) Program. It’s run by a section of the sports med clinic to train high school and college athletes, physically, mentally, and nutritionally, for any sport. I go out to campus twice a week and work on an individually designed training program, mainly focusing on explosive power, conditioning, and lateral quickness.  There’s a huge variety of exercises that I do there, like foursquare or box jumps anchored to the floor with bungee cords and lots of leg press and hip strengthening. I also love running on the anti-gravity treadmill because I get an excellent workout while taking it easy on my troubled goalie knees. 

I’ve also been coaching at a local rink a few days a week. I teach all levels of hockey, including learn-to-play, skills clinics, goalie camps, and a “chicks with sticks” league for older women who love the game and are just starting to play.  Coaching has been an awesome experience and I hope it will be a big part of my future.  I’m also playing in a summer league once a week with a girl who was on my team throughout high school, Katie Moeller, who now plays at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Our team in this league is honestly pretty bad but I’m okay with that because I get to see a whole lot of shots.  

Other than all this, I’ve been busy mowing lawns for extra cash and taking a couple classes – one online through Sacred Heart and one on campus at MSU. It puts a little bit of a damper on summer vacation but I’m hoping that getting ahead on credits will take some stress out of my senior year. Well, I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far and (for the Americans) have very happy 4th of July!! 


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