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  2. Sacred Heart Comes Together After Team Building Events

Sacred Heart Comes Together After Team Building Events


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I have survived my final collegiate preseason! It seemed pretty normal with lifts and conditioning, but I can’t believe it was the last time I get to do hill sprints and fitness testing with my team. It still doesn’t seem real that I’m already a senior! 

At the end of preseason workouts, we enjoyed an afternoon of team building with Dan Davis. He has experience working with the military, businesses, and many sports teams to challenge group members to get closer and more trusting of one another. The first exercise we did involved two people running through a hula hoop as fast as possible without touching each other or the hoop. We actually did really well with that one and beat the record time. The next challenge was to have the entire team stand on a tarp and pull it out from under us when we jumped simultaneously. Next, we split up into four groups and had to stand on two wooden sleds and figure out how to maneuver them around cones (my group is winning in the picture!).  After that, we each had to climb through a giant cube made of PCV pipes that was balanced on one of the corners. The trick was that each person had to take a different path – in one hole and out the other. This was very challenging because we had to carry people through some holes and remember which routes we had already taken. The final exercise was by far the most difficult because we lost our sense of sight by being blindfolded.  We had to find four cones and stretch a rope around them to outline a square.  My coach and trainer were watching from the sidelines and said this was a riot to see us wander around like zombies and run into each other while searching for the pieces. The whole experience was pretty fun and I think my team learned a lot about respect and communication. 

Since then we have been getting back to the regular season grind of skating, lifting, and taking ice baths. Last weekend we played our annual alumni game, which was interesting because we competed against past and present assistant coaches.  The team of current players won and I think everyone had a really good time.  Now we’re looking forward to our home opener against URI in a couple weeks.  


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