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Ryerson Surpasses Win Total From Last Year; Great Things To Come

Three weeks into the season and we have already surpassed our win total from last year and matched the point total. It is far from where we want to be, but it is definitely a good start. After getting the feeling of a win in our system and dancing around our room singing to Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, we are hungry for more. Two wins is not enough. They are like a small piece of chocolate. After tasting the sweetness once you just want more. Now it is just a matter of our team figuring out how to come into each game with that killer instinct, the heart and the drive to win ever battle for every puck, every shift and every game. 

We are prepared for a roller coaster season, much like we have already had through the team’s first five games. But, we will not let the downs define us as much as we won’t let the ups. Each period is a new game, each day is a new start and we want to be the best we can be at each beginning and end. We won our home opener, then lost badly, and lost a game we believe we should have won. We have proven to ourselves that we can win in different ways. We can bounce back from a bad shift, period or game. We have to learn to make this an instinct. We must attack each shift with as much energy as we have when we’re singing and dancing in our room. And with the number of leaders we have, and the strength of those leaders, it is more than possible to get this team into that zone. 

We are NOT the same Rams as last year. We will not let our opposition see our name on their schedule and think they have an easy two points. We will not accept losing as part of being a young team; we are still young, but we are experienced enough to know better, and be better. We will fight every battle until the final buzzer whether we are tied 1-1, down 7-2 or up 4-0. We want to be the best we can be every game. It starts in practices and with each individual on our team. We are each taking responsibility. We are putting the effort into each day to better ourselves and be the team that others do not want to face. 

Melissa Wronzberg #28

Proud member of the RAMily


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